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The End #2 is now available for purchase on Comixpress and is only $2.99.
You can also purchase it for the iPad at LushComics

If the world was going to end in seven days, how would you spend your last week?

This is the concept behind “The End”, as each story deals with how normal, everyday people react (or not react) to the end of their world.

This issue contains 2 different tales:

“Crush” – Tom and Julie have been friends forever. Now, their world (and high school) is ending, though most don’t believe this is ‘for real’. Will Julie be able to finally confess her love to Tom, or has his heart already been taken by another?

Written by: Shawn Padraic Murphy
Illustrated by: Ava Berman
Lettered by: Michael Auger

“Ladder” – Lester has worked for years to ascend the ranks at work, but in doing so he has spent less and less time with his wife. Now, he is determined to be with her until the end, but an unexpected development for their future interferes with the reality of the present.

Written by: Shawn Padraic Murphy
Illustrated by: Rand Arrington

Cover Illustrated by:Robyn Haley

Below is the front cover for Issue #2.


Below is the entire cover: