The cover for Strength #2 is here. The issue is nearly completed; the end of the story is in sight.

This cover was drawn by Marc Lewis (

 photo Strength2FinalCover_zps58f3814a.png

Strength #1 is now available at the VA Comics Store!

I was interviewed at SPX 2013 by Rusty ChuChu Rowley & Joe Mochove and talk about my different comic titles. Watch me smile uncontrollably for almost the entire duration of the interview.

This is my process for trying to get copies of my prints. Since I am an author, and not an artist, I had to find out which place makes the best quality with the best price. I hadn’t done this before. First, here is a picture from two copies, one from FedEx Kinkos, the other from Staples. Can you tell which is which?

 photo 8aefeca9-2ac7-4804-82f6-b4eb00720b4b_zps2811f9e5.jpg

 photo StrengthPoster2_zpsaf042f1c.jpg

Now I will go over how I found out a good place to print posters. My posters are made for comic book covers, which means they are usually EXACTLY 11×14 when increased in size. This means I have to order an 11×17 and cut it to make it 11×14.


      I print from home is a great place to print. You simply drop your file onto their website. You can select from many sizes. In addition, you can zoom in your print to get it to fit, as well as chose to have a white border around the whole picture, or none. They are the only place that has an 11×14 option. However, it is $6.00 a print, plus $3.00 shipping (increasing the more posters you buy—they send it out on a flatboard). I can upload PDF, TIF, or JPG. There is no way I could make copies of these to sell at conventions without spending more than I earn. I will only use this in the future to order a metallic gleam + glossy print for my own wall for each comic cover I make.


      I was told OfficeMax is the best place to get prints done from 2 different artists. However, I have no OfficeMax in my area, which means this option is out.


      Office Depot only prints 11×17 against regular paper; they have no other options . They also do not have shipping tubes. There is no point in going here ever again.

FedEx Kinkos

      FedEx Kinko’s will open my TIF file, but they say they don’t re-size for you, and I had to bring it back with the correct size. They have 3 options for 11×17 posters: Regular Paper ($2.00), 80lb Cardstock ($2.63), or Glossy Cardstock ($3.16). However, the guy I saw the first time wasn’t too helpful, and said the glossy posters and the 80lb cannot roll without cracking.


      Staples had 11×17 in Cardstock ($N/A)[regular paper that looked grey], Cover Stock ($1.98)[same as 80lb], and Glossy (also $1.98). However, their glossy was 28lb stock with a thick glossy cover. They had one shipping tube, but it was 3 feet long.

UPS Store

      This is where I had to find the 2×15 shipping tube to send the posters. This is the only place they exist. The tubes were $1.79 each. There is no way to print here.

The Winner: Staples!

      FedEx Kinko’s had a Glossy Cardstock (it was basically 80lb, Glossy on the front and back). However, the glossy for Staples was 28lb stock with a thick glossy cover on the front only) FedEx Kindos was glossy on both sides. I don’t know how, but the printer for Staples was much, much better. The FedEx Kinkos poster had lots of small dots where the colors were (see Pictures on the left [both photos]) whereas the Staples printer mixed all the colors together to appear smooth, fludid, and cohesive (see Picture on the right [both photos]). Plus, it was $1.50 less per copy, and I could cut it for free. However, the employee cut it for me, but they would not always be exact. In the future, I wish I could print them without white borders, but no one has that option except IPrintFromHome, and they are way too expense to order copies for conventions to sell.

     Staples automatically includes a white border around your art (as did FedEx Kinkos) but my pictures had more white space on the left than the right of the poster. They could not change this. What was odd is that the test copy did not do this the first time I was there. I apologize in advance to any backers for any slight centimeter difference in the borders.

I was interviewed at TriCon by In This Issue. You can find their podcast here below, and I am interviewed on Volume 2 – Issue 54…/id500331436

Their website is here:

Help support my comic book Kickstarter project for Strength #2, the second and final issue. Details of the plot and prizes on the Kickstarter.

I have an interview up at a blog. It’s a pretty lengthy interview that goes over how I started writing, how I found artists, what I’m currently doing, and much more.

Comics DC is “for information and events relating to cartoons and comics (including comic books, comic strips, political cartoons, animation and caricature) in Washington, DC and its environs (including counties such as Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Prince George’s, and Montgomery.)”

The interview is here:

I was interviewed at SPACE by You can hear me on the audio here along with many other artists and writers at SPACE.

Ready for a new year at Small Press Expo, where I will have 2 new comic books, The End #3, and Strength #1. Can’t wait to go back after exciting it was to see people interested in my edn of the world comic.

To find me, simply turn left at the entrance and keep walking–I’m in the lower, left hand corner.


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This is the 2nd preview of Strength. This page shows some of the action that occurs when Strength decides to risk her life to take on one of the most powerful super villains in the world. You can see the unique style of the comic, as well.


Strength is now available on (for print) & (for digital).