This is the 2nd preview of Strength. This page shows some of the action that occurs when Strength decides to risk her life to take on one of the most powerful super villains in the world. You can see the unique style of the comic, as well.


Strength is now available on (for print) & (for digital).

That title is no joke. This is a board game / RPG game that I created after watching Jurassic Park and playing only 1 hour of a Dungeon & Dragons-like game.

While at my cousin’s place one day, he had me play this game that only required listening and then stating what you want to do (I do not remember if there were weapons and spells, or even items) and I tried to create a game similar to that, but ended up merging it with a board game.  It was a board game where you couldn’t see the board, but had to listen to what I was describing so you wouldn’t go the wrong way.

However, this ‘board’ game, ended up being on over 30 pages of large Notebook paper.  It started only as Jurassic Park, then every day or so, I would add another board (or another licensed property), until it was an immensely large game.

So, this is the latest episode I look back at this game I made when I was 12, without having looked at it in almost 20 years.

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Murphy’s Media Memories – Jurassic Park Stolen By Carmen Sandiego from Shawn Padraic Murphy on Vimeo.

Interview with Peter Hansell of Tablestar Games, makers of the HeroCard battle system used in many of their games. Fun Fact: Playing the game Orc Wars, I won 1 of the 3 awesomely detailed swords they were giving away; mine looked like a battle-damaged Orc Sword.

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Interview with Chris Havlak, creator of Heirs of Olympia (Countess Games).

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Pinnacle Entertainment – Meet Clint Black, one of the writers for their Role Playing Games.

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Learn about games that take place in the Star Trek World–Star Fleet Universe, featuring games such as Federation & Star Fleet Battles.

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Learn about the world and gameplay of the RPG Fellowship of the White Star.

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Below: An interview with Paul Chapman, Marketing Director of Steve Jackson Games.

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This is a video I filmed a few years ago in New York, but had just started experimenting with video, so had no idea how to mess with audio yet to get a deep voice. Thus, it took about 2 years from when I filmed to when it was actually shown.

So, whenever your teenage child has problems, call on the disembodied head of Darth Vader for help; he’ll tell them what to do.

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