The End #4 is nearing completion. Here is a look at the intial sketch of The End #4’s cover.

The End #4 Cover (Sketch) photo spacestationmockup_zps5d850ea0.jpg

Next, here is a preview of the final image without the title, names, and issue number on it.

 photo TheEndCover4Watermark_zps529d4581.jpg

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The End issue #1 is now available at Comixpress.
You can also purchase it for the iPad at LushComics

If the world was going to end in one week, how would you spend your remaining seven days alive?

That is the question asked in this series of short stories, which shows how ordinary people react (or refuse to react) to their own impending doom.

This issue features 2 stories:

“id” – Charley Wymer worked a boring office job most of his life, and now he seeks to make up for lost time, by killing as many people as possible. With the world’s rules no longer relavent, the mind’s moral fabric unravels.

Written by: Shawn Murphy
Illustrated by: Stefano Cardoselli

“Second Chances” – One man seeks redemption for his past, but is he already too late to make a difference?

Written by: Shawn Padraic Murphy
Illustrated by: Brad Bowersox

Cover Illustration by: Robyn Haley

Below is the cover.


The cover’s color appears a little subdued on Comixpress, so here is a very bright version without the text.


Now, here is a preview of the basic story of ‘The End.’

The End 01 - Page 08 Letters

How will the main character react to his revelation? How will everyone react, now that they know that the end is near? That is the focus of this series, as each issue contains 2 different, realistic stories of how people react to their own impending doom. One week left to live: How would you spend it?