Ok, so almost all of these posts for Why I Should Write For Hollywood are bad ideas from high school, but this is one I created in grad school. And I think it could really work as a movie, just take out all the magic and supernatural elements. Whoa…put down the blade fanboy. Now I know most people think ‘mainstreaming’ something is removing the interesting parts, but hear me out.

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I want to turn audible history’s first superman…

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Into this.

      When in high school, I loved the Beowulf story. While at grad school I was always trying to write new ideas, but one of those wasn’t new at all; it was a retelling of the Beowulf story as if Beowulf was a celebrity detective, and altering the story to fit into a traditional 3 act structure so all 3 stories connected instead of being 3 separate stories.

      Now, here is the initial concept in one page from my old discontinued Microsoft Works file from 2004.

Detective Beowulf Concept

     A mighty celebrity detective (who has cameras follow him everywhere) is sent to stop the serial killer known as The Beast (Grendal). Beowulf boasts how easy it is for him to track anyone. The mayor holds a feast for him since the detective that has never lost a case is coming to help him. He tricks Grendal into attacking the mayor’s house, and rather than cuff him, finds Grendal’s arms too big for regular cuffs. Beowulf fights him and takes his arm (somehow), but The Beast gets away. Though he is not caught, they know Grendal will never return, but his mother does, and she brings a lawsuit against Detective Beowulf for the violence against her son.

      In the courtroom, it look like Grendal’s mother will win against the physical infliction that killed her boy, citing Beowulf used entrapment and didn’t attempt to arrest him and had intentions to kill her son. Later, Beowulf finds letters that show the mother actually taught her son how to kill, and finds a letter of The Beast, thanking his mother for teaching him the thrill of killing others. Using this evidence, as well as a gun he found in her house that matched what Grendal had used to kill a few people on occasion. (However, Grendal wouldn’t use a gun, and what would the mother need it for, think so the gun can be the sword, or should the letters be the sword?) Grendal’s mother pounces at Beowulf and tries to cut him with a knife. Holding the evidence gun in his hand, it goes off and kills her.

      On the night of Beowulf’s retirement, the rising major crime kingpin has one of his front businesses robbed by a thief, and he declares war in the streets to find him. (This Kingpin also killed Beowulf’s brother and was never brought to justice for it; thereby making an emotional investment in the story, and give Beuwolf some regret at not ever being able to take him down). Beowulf then leads a batch of new cops and detectives and trains them in crime prevention (some paid off by the kingpin which eventually leave or turn on him). He has a meeting with the kingpin at the beginning and is poisoned by him unknowingly. He kills the kingpin near the end of the story, but not before the kingpin tells him he poisoned him with a slow poison, that now takes effect. Now, many rival would be crime bosses will try to fill his position. With the death of their greatest officer, the city is left open for a giant crime wave/gang war.

      That is just the outline. I actually wrote the first chapter, as this was originally an idea for a book in my (I forgot) class, and I will put it up here when I am done with this blog series.

Tomb Raider (the new game which was designed to remake Laura Croft with her origin story) is coming out soon. I had wanted to try it out. The reason: this game looked like it had an interesting story. That’s right. I thought the idea of being stranded and alone on an island, trying to survive, and learning to fight and hunt would make an awesome game. I’m not interested in the Tomb Raider franchise, nor have I played any of the games (except for some of Tomb Raider 2 on PC that I forget if I enjoyed or not). I didn’t care this was a Tomb Raider game, and could care less that is was remake, even less about the character, and even more less if the character was a man or a woman.

So, why should the gender matter at the end of that sentence? Because of this: (http://www.themarysue.com/lara-croft-misogyny/) People said Laura has become a victim. I know all about the victim trap for female character development, but I didn’t think it was relevant here, because it was someone who has to survive on an island by themselves, wouldn’t they experience all kinds of hardships? I think it’s because people will think Laura Croft didn’t chose to be an archeologist action-adventurer and she was forced into it. In the first trailer, she’s already on her way to her first adventure. She was going to be one anyway. This just happens to be her first adventure; it doesn’t appear it will change her character (though I hope I’m wrong in terms of telling a good story), only develop her adventuring, climbing, and gun shooting skills.

However, the article says that video game players identify with a man, but want to protect a woman avatar. This apparently makes males root for her more if they ‘save’ her. This was so insanely stupid. I played Uncharted 1 & 2 and Hydrophobia recently, (male and female leads) and guess what? I found myself more into the game with the female lead because of how immersive the game was! I enjoyed Uncharted’s story and characters + character development more, but Hydrophobia made me feel like I was actually there. The gender was not an issue for me.
Later, this article (http://www.themarysue.com/tomb-raider-rape-press-release/) stated that the executive producer said, “they try to rape her.” And people saw this implied from the first person that attacks her in the trailer.

In the game, I’m sure you will have to fight 800 people before the game is done (all male, because god forbid you kill any females or people will think you are committing violence against women). In real life, if you were a woman, and fighting against 800 people one at a time, I’m pretty sure a high percentage of them will try to rape you. However, games are a fantasy. We don’t need to worry about falling off a cliff into a massive vortex or getting eaten by dinosaurs in real life, but some woman do have to worry about being raped in the real world. So, why would you put this realistic thing in the game to begin with when people play games to escape and have fun?

I could easily dismiss the victim angle until I actually play the game, but after the implied rape and the designer talking about it as if they wanted all this from the beginning, I’m now less interested to pick up the game. Could it be because now I will think of Laura as a woman instead of my avatar into the video game world? I feel that using rape as any selling point or from putting it in their as normal will cause people not to check it out, or they will find it out in the game unexpectantly, feel uncomfortable, and return it to the store. I hope that Crystal Dynamics (having stated there is no rape subtext) are having a woman review as a game tester to double-check the game; looking for instances of rape (no matter how unintentional) and removing them. I’m still going to play the game eventually, I just hope I’m not clouded by this when I do.

Read this article for a different picture of the game: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4282521818336541068#editor/target=post;postID=7089648919791698761

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