Comixology has accepted The End issues 4 & 5. These are all stand-alone stories. So, even though 2 & 3 are not up, doesn’t mean you have to wait; you can start reading the story of people dealing with the coming end of the world at any issue in the series!

You can find Issues 1, 4, & 5 are currently available for only $1.99:
      The End – Madness (Issue #1)
      The End – Hope (Issue #4)
      The End – Survival (Issue #5)

Wizardry Madness continues as the 3rd and final game is played. But, now it’s time to see through the first-person dungeon to what it really means…a collect-a-thon with near unbeatable monsters.

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So, playing Wizardry had driven me batty. How could people have played this in the early 80’s and not been driven insane? How could anyone force themselves to suffer for 60 hours leveling up characters to infinity just to kill a rabbit? Well, as I realized the man I was asking this to had my hands around him and prevented him from responding, I decided to make a video like this to curb my rage and insanity.

SNES Gems – 05 – The Madness Of Wizardry

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