I have started a Kickstarter for Mechanaflux #2, an All-Ages Fantasy Comic Book. Plus, I am hoping to achieve enough money to make an Animated Trailer and possibly an animated series of shorts if I get enough money.

Mechanaflux is about 3 Earth kids (Cory, Jackson, & Arad) who fall into the world of Flux, where they meet a sword-fighting princess, the last sorceress, and a centaur general (Maria, Darius, & Gluss). Together, they must stop an evil mechanical creature from turning the entire world into metal.

You can find the Kickstarter Here

You can view the video for it below (will be deleted when the Kickstarter ends)

How Not To Make Money In Comic Books

My Self-Publishing Adventure

Part 1: 2002 (DownTimeComics & Demon Heir)

      In this Blog series, I will be breaking down my comic book expenses and profits (ha, that’s a good one) by year. My hope is that people will see that putting together a comic book requires a great deal of work and a lot of start-up capital; you will rarely see any return in profit. If you get into comic books, it’s because you want to publish them for the love of it (though hoping it leads to being picked up by the major companies or get a movie deal is a nice dream, too)

      My friend at college, Rob Baden, had been doing a webcomic online called DownTimeComics (http://web.archive.org/web/20050430040909/http://www.downtimecomics.com/dtc/). He had wanted to expand the website to include others.

      I had an idea about a Demon Hunter, called Demon Heir, that I got my friend RL Shawver to do some art for. I had already written an entire universe along with 8 major storylines leading up to an epic conclusion for the entire series. The comic strip lasted around 1 ½ months and 8 pages. I was a junior at college at the time and only 21 years old; my ideas for that story were pretty ambitious and unrealistic since we were both at college at the time with our own degrees to work on.

      The webpage no longer exists, though you can still see the main page on Wayback Machine. Unfortunately, none of the comics are available online anymore. I have now input the old Demon Heir comics on my website (http://www.shawnpmurphy.com) under Webcomics, where you may see the first comic I ever did.

      That’s it for this year. It doesn’t start to get more advanced until 2006. I will be tracking everything, from my website fees, printing costs, artist payment; everything! If you have an interest in making comics (and you are a writer with no artistic skills) then you will want to follow this.


Total Cost: N/A
Gross Profit: N/A
Net Profit/Loss: N/A

All Years (2002 – 2002)

Total Cost: N/A
Gross Profit: N/A
Net Profit/Loss: N/A