Ready for a new year at Small Press Expo, where I will have 2 new comic books, The End #3, and Strength #1. Can’t wait to go back after exciting it was to see people interested in my edn of the world comic.

To find me, simply turn left at the entrance and keep walking–I’m in the lower, left hand corner.


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I went to Origins in 2008 and filmed many interviews with game designers and creators of card games, board games, RPG’s, tabletops, accessories, swords, and many more. However, though I had many interviews, the didn’t go up online for about 2 months after. I had been waiting on a website to be made, and it never happened, so I placed them up on YouTube (not exactly a website you can call your own)

My friend Gavin, of Robot Martini, let me place the videos on his website. However, my website never materialized, and I lost the motivation to continuing editing the interviews. There are about 50 total. I definitely made my idea too ambitious, as this was one of the reasons I had ordered my camera quickly.

It was a blast to film and interview all of these people, but now a year has passed, and not everyone has been posted on line. I am seeking to rectify this situation now that my website is finally being created.

Finally, I contacted Derek of The Happy Video Game Nerd, and he allowed me to use his music in the trailer, which I thought would make an awesome beat for it.  You can see his videos here on RetroWareTV.  He is also a musician, but I don’t have the link to that site at the moment.

Inside The Box – Trailer

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Inside The Box – 0.5 – What Is Origins?

BlipTV / YouTube / Myspace / Facebook / Vimeo


Origins Game Fair: