That title is no joke. This is a board game / RPG game that I created after watching Jurassic Park and playing only 1 hour of a Dungeon & Dragons-like game.

While at my cousin’s place one day, he had me play this game that only required listening and then stating what you want to do (I do not remember if there were weapons and spells, or even items) and I tried to create a game similar to that, but ended up merging it with a board game.  It was a board game where you couldn’t see the board, but had to listen to what I was describing so you wouldn’t go the wrong way.

However, this ‘board’ game, ended up being on over 30 pages of large Notebook paper.  It started only as Jurassic Park, then every day or so, I would add another board (or another licensed property), until it was an immensely large game.

So, this is the latest episode I look back at this game I made when I was 12, without having looked at it in almost 20 years.

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Murphy’s Media Memories – Jurassic Park Stolen By Carmen Sandiego from Shawn Padraic Murphy on Vimeo.

So, you know how to play Bahamut Lagoon, and you know why it rocks, but it also has an equal number of flaws. So, watch the final episode review of Bahamut Lagoon.

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I found it amusing that no matter how many of your people die, they will all return the next level, and this happens with the bad guys, too. You thought you killed Lestat, but he and a few other bosses come back 1 or 2 more times. It’s an ongoing war where no one ever dies. Yet, somehow, Sauzer dies in a cutscene, because death is irreversible only in cutscenes.

You will hear the same music for every battle. Every. Battle. Tons of music, but the same battle music the entire game.

Bahamut Lagoon is a very unique game for the Super Nintendo. Below I describe all of what made the game exciting to play.

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Next, the Bad episode, as I review changes of the gameplay of Bahamut Lagoon into something…else.

An interesting mix of genre’s, this video shows you what you do in the game. Part 1 of 2.

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