Check out my comic book Kickstarter: The End. If the world was going to end in seven days, how would you spend your last week alive?

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My Crimes Against Creation story (with art by Crystal Ash) was released in the SPACE Anthology for 2013.

You can purchase a digital copy here FOR FREE:

You can also order a physical copy through for $20.00:

I also found this blog that tried to summarize all the stories with some very brief thoughts:

“Crimes Against Creation by Shawn Padraic Murphy & Crystal Ash page is about a man who goes on cosmic trial for not doing anything with his life. It’s a neat idea with lots of funny philosophy and theology.”

I will be at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.

Since the last SPACE convention I’ve got a new The End issue out (#3) with a Fantasy theme, as well as my new Fantasy All-Ages comic, Mechanaflux. In addition, I have a 4 page story that will appear in the 2013 SPACE Anthology that will be available for purchase at the convention, and it will also be available digitally.

This last week I was at TriCon in Huntington, West Virginia (a 1 day show). Mechanaflux premiered there and it was a pretty good time. My sister gave birth to her son the day before, so I also got to visit family and see the new baby after the show.