My 5th issue of The End is now available for Print-to-Order on IndyPlanet. And finally, after a long wait, so is #2. But where is #4? I was working on 4 & 5 at the same time, and 5 just happen to get finished sooner. And don’t worry, as each issue is stand-alone. You can expect to see The End #5 premiere at

See this link for a preview of the 1st story by Sonia Liao. Click here to see a preview of the 2nd story by Kathleen Parker.

You can expect to see The End #5 premiere at the SPACE, Tri-Con, & AwesomeCon conventions this April & May.

The End #5:

the End #2:

So, when I was unemployed at one point, I started playing Riven. It takes a long time to play this game without any help. I thought that many people most likely got lost or gave on with this game, so I decided to make a video game walkthrough, but with Pop-Up facts. This actually ended up taking a lot of time.

To watch these videos, go to the below YouTube Page, where you will find it, as well as a Journeyman Project video walkthrough.

Go Directly To The First Video

Go To The YouTube Riven Walkthrough Front Page

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