Before I started Mechanaflux, I was working on this, my first 3 issue mini-series, Displacement, with Michelle Balze. Now, that comic, after many years, was submitted and accepted to Comixology. You can download the entire digital graphic novel for only $4.99!

     What is Displacement? Well, read this picture that I have captured for posterity:

 photo Comixology Displacement_zpsqlpipxwa.png

Most books for kids only do one thing; have you read the lines from beginning to end. Well, how are we going to keep those kids interested in books? We make them Interactive! Clue: Who Killed Mr. Body, was the first in a series of books that contained mini-mysteries that yo uread, and then you had to figure out which of the 6 characters did the crime. Can we figure out the mysteries that were originally intended for children?

      When I started actually looking at Kickstarter for the first time, there were a ton of things to look through. I remember there being some 700 comic, film, and game projects (each!). I gravitated toward this comic book, The Shepherd, because it was a single comic book that told a complete story, had wonderful artwork, and was only $10.00.

      The story was simple, but looked interesting: “Astrid, a young tribal shepherd who watches a flock of ghazals, must make some tough decisions when she comes upon a wounded Thanacht–a ferocious beast of legend thought extinct a thousand years ago.

      Faced with the question of whether to help this predator which could easily hurt her or her flock, Astrid’s situation becomes even more complicated when a group of poachers show up looking for the beast, led by Rul, a hardened hunter obsessed with his search for the Thanacht.”

 photo 16b19ddf-66db-43b0-86f8-1c6f9fe63f99_zpst0lcb2ke.jpg

      The above picture is what I got, along with a print by Joe Rubinstein. I supposedly also got got a 10 page digital comic prologue, but since I don’t own a single digital comic, I never picked that up. You can find the original Kickstarter here, but I never saw anything about buying digital versions in the future for those interested.

The 3rd anthology for Square City Comics is coming soon. This issue has a theme for every story within called, “The Cure”.

“What if you didn’t have to die? What if there was a cure of mortality? No aging. No death. Only life…everlasting.”

I have a short in it called Memory Drain, which was drawn by Crystal Rollins. Click the picture above or click here to learn more about it. You can also simply search “The Cure.” Please donate if you can and/or help spread the word for this amazing anthology series.

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My next video is up. This list is my personal Top 10 Infectious Video Game Music! And when I say Top 10 Video Games, I really only mean Nintendo and Super Nintendo, as that’s all I grew up with. Yes, both Top 10 lists are all Pre-2000, like the format of my show. Delve into the songs that still auto-play in my brain.

I was mad I messed up the Battletoads / Double Dragon music in my video, as the Dark Queen stage is my favorite song and the one I. I also regret not putting in the Bubble Bobble song from when the first level starts. Anyway, enough put downs; I hope you enjoyed the video.

Mechanaflux #3 is now on Comixology! Is you’re following the webcomic, then you know Issue #3 / Chapter #3 has just ended. Well, now you can read the 3rd part now on Comixology. Will the Mecheers track down the amulet to Aria? And what powers does this half of the amulet posses? What will Maria and Cory do now that they know they are sibilings? Another full-color, 22 page issue awaits!

 photo Mechanaflux Comixology 3_zps3v8j8sgw.png

 photo WVPopCon_zpsjsllw6rk.gif

This weekend will be my last convention of the year, so come out to WVPopCon in Morgantown, WV. It’s a fun little convention. You can check out WVPopCon here:

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I will be at Intervention in Rockville / Beshesda, Maryland. Intervention is a convention for people interested in comic books, music, video games, board games, movies, and podcasts. Check it out this weekend:

Sorry for the short post, as I am busy packing up for it. I will be there Saturday and Sunday.

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      You can now order the 2nd issue of Mechanaflux on Comixology. It’s exciting to see these issues go up on the largest digital comic platform in the world.

      In this chapter, Arad, Cory, and Jackson finally meet up with the other half of the cast, meet a ‘fearsome’ dragon, and learn to fight…ok, RUN from metal death machines. You also learn the origin of Gaudra, the ruler of all of Flux, and the one on the verge of wiping humanity from the planet.

 photo Mechanaflux 2 Comixology Info_zps4gwhbgx6.png

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Come find me at Otakon this weekend! I’ll be at Booth S-07 in the Artist Alley. I am under ‘Padraic Productions’, not my real name.

I will also have 4 new mini-prints of Mechanaflux characters; this will be the first time they have been seen anywhere. So come and see Michelle Golden’s take on Redwing and Darius, as well as Kata Kane’s versions of Arad & Cory. You can get them for $5.00 a piece, or get one of your choice free if you buy all 3 issue of Mechanaflux!

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