Inside The Box

Inside The Box is a series of interviews I conducted while at the Origins Game Fair in 2008. This series is now complete. Below you will find many interviews with board, card, and role-playing game designers. Everything is organized so you can easily find a gaming individual, their company, and a specific game (that is talked about or shown how to be played).

Episode # People Companies Games
00.0 Trailer Origins Game Fair
00.5 What Is Origins? Origins Game Fair
01.0 Greg Lam Pair of Dice Games Knockabout
Warp 6
Chopstick Game
02.0 Andrew Looney Looney Labs Fluxx
Monty Python Fluxx
Treehouse Pyramids
02.5 Mad Rabbit Looney Labs See Above
03.0 Geoff Bottone Slugfest Games En Gaurde
Fishing For Terrorists
Kung Fu Fighting
Red Dragon Inn
Tiki Mountain
04.0 Justin Brunetto
Curt Covert
Smirk & Dagger Cutthroat Caverns
4.5 Games To Buy Origins Game Fair Too Many To List
05.0 John MacEnulty Self-Published Kali
06.0 Game Room Origins
06.5 Game Room 2 Origins
07.0 John Arcadian Silvervine Games Silvervine
08.0 Jason Hill Flying Frog Productions Last Night On Earth
08.5 Jack Hill
Mary Beth Magallanes
Flying Frog Productions Last Night On Earth
09.0 Edward Douglas Midnight Syndicate Music
10.0 Gozer Games Collateral Damage:
The Anime Board Game
10.5 Mike Selinker Paizo Publishing Yetisburg
Dungeons & Dragons 3.0
11.0 William (Bill) Anway III Pieramyd Table Tekk
House Tekk
3rd Age
Nightmare Enemy
12.0 Rob Balder Erfworld Erfworld (Comic)
12.5 Rob Balder Erfworld The Fump (Comedy CD)
13.0 Jeff Dellinger Playroom Ent. Killer Bunnies
14.0 Deep End Games Testament
14.5 Steve Jaqua Pinstrip Publishing Blasphemy
15.0 Senior Volunteer Origins Game Fair
16.0 Jim Long Red Juggernaut Battue
16.5 Norstrilia Software, Inc. Lensman
17.0 Slava Zatuchny Silverlode Interactive Saga (PC Game)
18.0 H L Games Amuse Amaze
18.5 Matthew Goldfarb
Paul Cooper
McNeil Designs Sentenced
19.0 James Campbell Dark Sky Beyond Protocol (PC)
20.0 RPG Accessories Mini Build Auth
Higher Ground
Dwarven Forge
20.5 RPG Accessories Dark Platypus
War Torn Worlds
Active Minds Games
Dragonfire Lasercrafts
Campaign Coins
Dungeon Walls
Miniature Holders
RPG Money
21.0 GPA Game Pub Assoc Game Help
22.0 Fantasy Flight Game of Thrones CGC
22.5 Jeremy Holcomb Bucephalus Games Living Labyrinth
23.0 Jeremy Holcomb Bucephalus Games Rorschach
24.0 Jeremy Holcomb Bucephalus Games Toboggans Of Doom
24.5 Jeremy Holcomb Bucephalus Games Suicide Bomber
25 Michelle Nephew Atlas Games
26.0 Rick Lewis Flying Buffalo, Inc. Grimtooth’s Trap
Lost Worlds
Nuclear War
Tunnels & Trolls
26.5 Mary Olsterhaus Out Of The Box Backseat Drawing
27.0 Zav Shlasinger Z-Man Games
28.0 Todd Boyce Ninja Magic With Hostile Intent
28.5 Steve Kenson Green Ronin Mutants & Masterminds
29 Sean Drumy Matrix Games Forge of Freedom
30 Fred Hicks Evil Hat Productions
Indi Press Revolution
Don’t Rest Your Head
Dresden Files RPG
Spirit of the Century
30.5 Origins Many Old Ones
31 Kim Wesley Simply Fun Treasure Trot
32 Victor Long Thenodrin Presents Fellowship Of The White Star
32.5 Paul Chapman Steve Jackson Games Car Wars
33 Paul Chapman Kenzer & Company Aces & Eights
34 Clint Black Pinnacle Entertainment Horrors Of WWII
Necessary Evil
34.5 Starfleet Games Starfleet Battles
Federation Commander
Prime Directive
35 BNT AlleyCat Prod
It’s A Gamer’s Thing
Pegasus Publishing
Journeyman Leather
Pendragon Chainmail
36 Daved Fooden Oh My God!
There’s An Axe In My Head
36.5 North Star Games Say Anything
37 Shane Ivey Arc Dream Pub. Godlike
Wild Talents
Monsters & Other Childish Things
38 Lisa Bowman-Steenson
Lori DieĀ­da
Gut Busting Games Redneck Life
Trailer Park Wars
38.5 Free Stuff Many Companies Many Games
39 Joan Wendland Blood & Cardstock Counting Zzzzs
Evil Vendetta Pie Fight
Get Nifty
Showbiz Shuffle
40 R&R Games Inc. You Must Be An Idiot
40.5 Party Hard Corps Booze Hounds
Captain Morgan’s Wrath
Quick & The Drunk
41 Pedro C Barrenechea Paradigm Concepts Living Arcanis
Witch Hunter
42 Sean Brown Fred Distribution Teraforming
Stop Lights
42.5 Jeff Siadek Gorilla Board Games Battlestations
43 Dave Chalker
Don Dehm

Jeff Greiner
Critical Hits
Pulp Gamer

The Tomb

44 Peter Hansell Tablestar Games HeroCard: Orc Wars
HeroCard: Nightmare
Martinis & Men
Wealth of Nations
44.5 Chris Havlak Countess Games Heirs Of Olympia
45 Stratamax Games Churchill & The Glorious Revolution
46 Doug Cook Funmaker Games Mimic
46.5 Chad Ellis Your Move Games Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
Succession & Intrigue In The Royal Court
47 Loren Coleman Catalyst Game Labs Battletech

Daniel Watson
Hollow Earth Swords

Bopping Or Cutting People
Steve Jones Blue Panther LLC Dice Tower
Tako Judo
Lone Wolf Publishing Hero Lab
David Watts
Steve Long
Hero Publishing Champions
Jim Dietz
Steve Long
Jolly Roger Games Swashbuckler
Thomas Davis Organization Of Rogue Judges
Volunteer Privateer Press Hordes
Infernal Contraption
Colonel Lou Zocch Game Science Dice (The Playing Pieces)
Todd Breitenstein Twilights Creation, Inc Zombies!!!
Terry & Nicky Mortensen

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