Dishonored Story Playthrough

This is something I had an idea for that I didn’t think anyone had done before. I’m playing the video game Dishonored, and instead of writing a review or walkthrough, I am writing a novel that follows how I specifically played the game. I write in the perspective of Corvo, but he talks how I played the game and even occasionally mention game mechanics as if they were real (such as hoarding gold for no reason, and running around the city killing everyone because he felt like it), blurring the line between the character and the player.

Mission 0.0 – Meet The Empress
Mission 1.0 – Prison Escape: My Fellow Guards
Mission 1.0 – Prison Escape: Sewer Escape
Mission 1.5 – Listen To People’s Inner Secrets & Steal Their Stuff
Mission 2.0 – Kill The Religion: The City
Mission 2.0 – Kill The Religion: Corruption
Mission 2.5 – Hearing My Allies’ Thoughts / Searching Everywhere
Mission 3.0 – Find Emily: Revisit The Previous Level
Mission 3.0 – Find Emily: Golden Cat Bathhouse
Mission 3.5 – Repetition
Mission 4.0 – Kidnap Sokolov: Crossing That Bridge
Mission 4.0 – Kidnap Sokolov: Kidnap & Interrogate
Mission 5.0 – Crashing The Party
Mission 6.0 – Revenge: Anticipation
Mission 6.0 – Revenge: The End Of The Regent’s Reign
Mission 6.5 – My Influence
Mission 7.0 – The Flooded District
Mission 8.0 – Hound’s Pit Massacre
Mission 9.0 – Rage Unleashed

Kill Everyone Stats
Knock Everyone Unconscious Stats

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