Murphy’s Media Memories

Below is every episode from my monthly Murphy’s Media Memories series, in which I show you things from my past (before college started in September 2000) that you have to know. I try to look at most of them objectively now with older eyes, but also relate my memories of how they impacted me, as wel as letting you in on the positive side of what made them all interesting and fun.

Episode Guide

   Midnight Rescue & OutNumbered!      Video Games (PC)       April 2016   
   Arcade      Movie       January 2016   
   Top 10 Infectious Video Game Music      Video Games       September 2015   
   Clue: The Mystery Book Game      Children’s Book & Game       November 2015   
   Top 10 Unresolved TV Cliffhangers      TV Shows       July 2015   
   Transformers: Battle For Earth      Children’s Book       March 2014   
   Spider-Man 30th Anniversary Comics: Part 2      Comic Books       September 2013   
   Monster Party (Nintendo Game)      Video Game (NES)       August 2013   
   Spider-Man 30th Anniversary Comics: Part 1      Comic Books       July 2013   
   Jaws (Nintendo Game)      Video Game (NES)       June 2013   
   Bunnicula: The Vampire Rabbit      Kid’s Book       May 2013   
   Return Of Halley’s Comet      Kid’s VHS       April 2013   
   M.A.N.T.I.S. TV Series: From Good To Bad       TV Series       March 2013   
   M.A.N.T.I.S. TV Pilot (vs The TV Movie)       TV Series       February 2013   
   M.A.N.T.I.S. TV Movie      TV Movie       January 2012   
   The Magical Rainbow Man & The Journey Of Love       Kid’s Book       October 2012   
   Megarace       Video Game (PC)       September 2012   
   Spider-Man CD Comic (1995)       Comic Book CD       August 2012   
   X-Men: The Animated Series       Cartoon / Comic       July 2012   
   Jurassic Park Stolen By Carmen Sandiego       Board Game / RPG       April 2012   
   Unico In The Island Of Magic       Anime / Cartoon       March 2012  
   Fourth Grade Book – In The Day Of The Dinosaurs       Kid’s Book       February 2012   
   Fantastic Adventures of Unico       Anime / Cartoon       January 2012   

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