Wesleyan World Introduction

When I moved from West Virginia to New York for grad school, I began to feel a little nostalgic about undergrad college and started to miss all my friends. So, rather than just think about it, I came up with some ideas for a few comics about me working at the radio station along with all the Relationship strips.

I had asked my friend Rob Baden (a fellow Wesleyan Alum) if he knew anything about making a website. A few weeks later, he said he anticipated me asking about hosting my comic on his website, and had it already prepared. One of his friends even designed the logo for me.

I started out introducing all 21 of the 22 people I knew in college. A lot of characters; in fact, too many character. But then, I was only doing this for myself. It was nice, though, when some of my friends wanted me to fast forward a year or two so they could be in the comic.

Eventually, I was able to put out 3 and 1/2 years of strips at 1 every week. The last storyline I wrote while I was in Baltimore, having just moved here recently, and without a job. I could tell I was maybe getting a little bored drawing it, but I really wanted to keep writing it. Eventually, many film related projects and actual comic book projects came into creation, leaving me no time to work on Wesleyan World.

The original vision was for a 20 year comic strip, with every 5 years changing into the next grade at school (years 6-10 would have been my sophomore year). It was a little too ambitious, but then i couldn’t have predicted where my life would have ended up back then, and so the strip for now is no more. I’d love to finish it one day, but for now, enjoy these herein.

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