Displacement History

The Creation of Displacement

About 6 months before this comic book, I was writing a webcomic called “Wesleyan World” which was being hosted on my friend Rob’s site: http://downtimecomics.com/

This series was a light-hearted comic strip loosely (and I mean very loosely) based on my life at college. At one point, I had one storyline end on a sad note, because I had an idea for storyline where the main character (me) interacts with a figment of himself that only want to drive him insane and make him crazy. However, this story was very dark, and didn’t match any of the comic strips before it or after it. Plus, the story started to get bigger and bigger until I realized it was the size of a comic book mini-series.

While at graduate school, I talked about an idea I had for a comic book with Michelle Balze (artist for Displacement) and she mentioned that she was drawing a comic book for someone else. The sketchy art style was what I was looking for and she loved my idea, so we started our collaboration, which took us 1 and 1/2 years to finish, then it took me another year just to figure out how to scan them in to get good quality, where to go to print them out, etc.

I arrived at SPX 2009 with all 3 issues ready to sell. I sold 17 copies of the first issue, and probably traded and gave away about 20 more. But there was another thing nagging at my now. The fiction that I loved to write more than anything now wanted out. I had caught the bug; there would be more.

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