In middle school, one of our assignments was actually a video assignment.  We had a group of 5 people, and had to film a few minutes of something in American History.  We chose this children’s book centered around George Washington’s encounters to Betty Ross in describing the flag.  I was George Washington.   My mom was operating the camera and had even found a one-room school house to film; it made it look like we were actually in an old meeting hall of that era.

The handicap student who could not speak, but could respond with Yes & No with her electronic device, was assigned to our group, so I remember we had a lot of yes or no questions for her (as Betty Ross) to interact with us.

The strangest thing, however, was that someone in our grade chose the exact same book for their history video, because a lot of the dialogue was exactly the same.

This video is most likely lost to my parent’s home video collection.

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