Dishonored Kill-Through (How Many NPCs Can You Kill?)

      Below is my kill streak from Dishonored. I wanted to see exactly how many AI I could kill, based on how many are in the game. When I say everyone, I mean those already in the game map. If an alarm sounds and people come out of nowhere, I restart, because those people weren’t on the map in the first place. However, there are some glitches at 3 points in the game where clearing enemies re-spawns them, but I have to accept that even though it’s a glitch. Also, I kill ALL enemies, civilians, dogs, rates, & river crusts, even though humans and dogs are the only ones that count as kills).

      This list is incomplete because I lost 1 note page of the kills for 3 of the levels, which is why I waited so long to post this.

      In prison, I kill the first 3 guards quickly and silently. I kill 2 prisoners by firing my rile, even killing the guy all the way in the back. I blow up the bomb on the wall and run back to hide, allowing all the guards to pile up, search for me, then give up. After they wander around, I kill 5 of them, return to the door, then decide to go back and see they have all re-spawned. They case me all around the prison as I kill 4 more, but when I return to the hallway out of the prison, there are 4 more guards. I silently kill them, but even when killed silently, another one replaces him from around the metal bars and starts walking onto the scene. In this level, after the bomb goes off, there will be in infinitely spawning amount of guards which is always 5-6 people at all times. This is the only point in the game where this happens. I quickly give up and jump into he river.

      In the sewers, I meet my first NPCc I cannot kill, the two guards who are eaten by rats. I will have to accept I can’t kill every NPC from now on. The message ove r the loudspeaker says I have killed many people in my escape, and they are right about that. After counting my tallies, I see that the 3 prisoners I killed were counted as civilians, even though they were Slackjaw’s thugs based on their character models.

Dunwall Prison
Kills: 30
Civilians Killed: 3

      Next I appear at the Hound Pits. I overhear every conversation about me and how they need someone to kill for them and recue Emily to put her on the throne. I tried to kill everyone here, before and after I meet the Outsider, but each person gives me a Game Over due to disbanding the resistance. What’s funny is that I get this message even before I’ve talked to a single person there. I can’t knock anyone unconscious, either.

      So, I meet Samuel outside, and go on my next mission, where I have to kill the High Overseer, as he not only has info on where Emily is hiding, I know he is one of the people that set me up. My Goal will be to change every Wall of Light and Guard Tower into a death machine for everyone. Upon my arrival, I start shooting the guards on the bridge and get them to stop throwing the bodies, causing all 4 guars to run down to me, and then I’ve quickly cleared the entire street. I sleep dart two civilians and throw their bodies into the river to kill them that way. I have no way of knowing if my Wall of Light, Guard Tower, and drowning kills count as my kills or not. I should have left one guard standing them came back to this point of the level and tried each kill before beating the level.

      When I go to the 2nd Wall of Light, I wait until all the guards see me before I change the light to hurt them. Two guards charge into it and die. Hilariously, the 3rd guard knows not to come in and throws rocks at me, but they disintegrate before hitting me. Then, he creeps toward the Wall of Light. I wait about 3 minutes or so, until he finally says, “fuck It,” charges at me, and then gets disintegrated. What an Idiot. I cannot kill Slackjaw and Granny Rags, as they will give me more people to kill later. I save civilians, only to kill them after they are saved, but before they have a chance to disappear (except for Overseer Martin, who ends up with a Game Over if you do). The Overseers had no problems and I killed all of them and their dogs.

Distillery District (Mission 2)
Killed: 77 Total Killed: 107
Civilians Kills: 7 Total Civilians Killed: 10

      In this level you need to find Emily and rescue her, and kill the Pendletons who kidnapped her, too. As the level begins, I count 9 Weepers running from the Guard Tower. They all die by the explosives shot at them. I tried to actually freeze time and kill them myself before they could be killed, but it’s not possible, no matter how fast you can blink and use your Blue Elixirs. I have to let them get killed by someone else. Sigh.

      A guy later tells me to follow him to Slackjaw, but I kill him and then his friends that run toward me. I then go into slackjaw’s territory and kill everyone BUT slackjaw, and Slackjaw doesn’t care, and still offers me a job. I can’t kill Slackjaw again because of the benefits he’ll give me, and I know I can kill him later in the game. I can’t kill Granny Rags because she will just turn into rats and show up later. I finish my killing Griff the shopkeeper.

      I can’t kill Slackjaw again because of the benefits he’ll give me, and I know I can kill him later in the game. I can’t kill Granny Rags because she will just turn into rats and show up later. However, once I’ve bought all I can, I kill Griff the shopkeeper.

      In the square, I kill all the guards, but when I go into the house (a loading screen) and return; more guards appear. This happens one more time, resulting in 12 guards to take care of instead of 4. This happens as 1 or 2 other points in the level. I kept exploring the entire level again before I left, and always found a random guy the materialized out of nowhere 2 or 3 times becfore the map was fully cleared of all NPCs.

      Below you will see the Civilian count increase because of the prostitutes killed in the Bathhouse. Also, this level has the most people you can kill of any level in Dishonored.

Gold Cat Bathouse (Mission 3)
Killed: 107 Total Killed: 214
Civilians Killed: 16 Total Civilans Killed: 26

      The next level is to find and kidnap Sokolov. Some of Slackjaw’s men are supposed to rush out and get killed by electricity so you can see how it works before you get killed yourself, but I was able to kill them first. I possessed each prisoner and walked them through a wall of light to kill them rather than save them. Everyone died by me.

Kaldwin Bridge (Mission 4)
Killed: 59 Total Killed: 273
Civilians Killed: 8 Civilians Killed: 34

      Next, I walk in on Calista in the bathroom and tell her Piero is watching her. Then I buy a wine to convince Sokolov to talk, or do I torture him?

      Next I’m going undercover at a royal ball to find out which Boyle Lady is the Regnet’s woman and is helping fund him. The level starts out with 3 civilans getting killed by Tallboys (they are not Weepers, as I later check the bodies; which means the Tallboys just kill anyone around the area). Howver, I cannot kill them because I am glued to the boat. I am, however, able to freeze time and stop 2 Weepers from attacking 3 guards. I freeze time and kill all 5 of them before they kill each other, but it brings a Tallboy toward me.

      I kill everyone around me everyone outside the hall, and am even able to subdue the 3 civilians talking before they can go into the party. Before going to the party, I find an abandoned home with 8 Weepers in it.

      Once inside, I shut off all alarms. Oh wait, there are none in this level. I silently kill the 4 cooks and 2 guards in the basement. Next, however, take more planning. And by planning, I mean I start randomly killing people and leaving their body on the floor, everyone runs screaming, and I kill everyone. I then search the premises and hunt down and kill everyone hiding in the corner. I even kill the guy on the boat who wanted to help me. Once I return to the outside, 2 Tallboys have regenerated, but once killed they never return between loading screens again. This is probably the shortest level in the game, and it also has the highest civilian death count.

Missing Missions 5, 6, & 7 Totals. Though in the Flooded District, there are 3 whalers who appear to give you dialogue then vanish from the game. I was able to slow time twice in a row and move quickly to climb up to the top of the warehouse and kill all 3 of them before they teleported away. This is all I remember from my notes for these missions.

      The final level, the Lighthouse. Once I kill 3 guards at the top eastern platform in front of the electric barrier, 3 more magically appears, and this happens 3 times (for 12 people total) that I have to kill before the area clears.

      The 2nd dock is a magical re-spawning point. I restarted and didn’t count it, but if you start something over there, guards start randomly appearing behind you when there was no physical way for them to have gotten there. Also, these 3 dock guards are the only guards in the game I’ve noticed that don’t give you a physical view of 3 lightning bolts to indicate their awareness.

      If you kill Samuel as he leaves, you get a picture during the ending sequence that shows Corvo standing over his grave. If you left him live, you get the original picture of the ending, where Samuel is in his boat and about to be killed in a tidal wave.

      The civilian killed Is Lady Emily. I had assumed Lord Pendleton would be the 2nd one. The only other civilian is the maid right before you confront Havlock, but she is dead before the level starts.

Lighthouse (Mission 9)
Killed: 78 Total Killed:
Civilians Killed: 1 Total Civilians Killed:


Prison Level Respawns: 4 (I killed the first 5 that came out that appeared all at once, but removed the next 4 I killed because they were infinite respawns of the guys I had just killed. I still keep the first 5 that came out though. The third wave I killed wasn’t recorded because I re-loaded after I had killed them all.

Total Removals: 4


Between Level 2 & 3 – The Weepers Under The Pub: 2

Total Additions: 2

     Granny Rags says the Empress isn’t at rest, and Pierro said he kept a heart alive. Early on, the Heart starts to remember something, then stops talking when it applies to her, which seems to be a topic about the Empress; the Heart has trouble talking about the Empress in 3rd person because the Heart then starts to remember that she actually IS the Empress. When in Dunwall Tower, the heart says “you and I have been here before.” So I’m almost certain now that the heart in my hand is the Empresses.

      The Weepers are not Zombies, but instead a metaphor for how the upper echelon treats the poor, that they are a disease that must be cleansed to make the city better. Here, the poor literally become a disease and you see how the city can’t survive without them. Not only that, but Weepers are dehumanized the way the poor normally are when the rich speak about them. The city is dying, but the upper society still doesn’t see the problem.

Knife Of Dunwall & Brigamore Witches

Mission 1
Killed: 50 Total Killed: 50
Civilians Killed: 5 Total Civilians Killed: 5

Mission 2
Killed: 57 Total Killed: 107
Civilians Killed: 6 Total Civilians Killed: 11

Mission 3
Killed: 41 Total Killed: 148
Civilians Killed: 0 Total Civilians Killed: 11

Mission 4
Killed: 26 Total Killed: 174
Civilians Killed: 5 Total Civilians Killed: 16

I had to work hard to kill everyone before they killed others. I had to make sure I could kill everyone while also not dying. Anytime someone ran or fought anywhere, I killed them all first. The kill count is high because you were supposed to watch them all kill each other, but slowing down time allowed me to kill everyone.

For Mission 5, I also needed to get a ship. Oh yeah, and I killed everyone before doing my first quest, included the gangs and the pirates. So when I get to the boat and start it up with the coil, all the pirates miraculously reform to follow me, forgetting I killed them and follow the same patterns in this area, but now they are Neutral. I can’t kill them now, but at the end of the level, it says I no longer need them, so I go and kill all the same people again in this one area, which is why my kill count is so high in this level.

Mission 5
Killed: 90 Total Killed: 264
Civilians Killed: 5 Total Civilians Killed: 21

I was expecting some butlers (even dead ones) but this is the only level in Dishonored, Knife Of Dunwall, & Brigamore Witches without any Civilians to kill.

Mission 6
Killed: 45 Total Killed: 309
Civilians Killed: 0 Total Civilians Killed: 21

In level 1, I saved these 2 people from a jail cell, then killed them right after the check mark let me know I had saved him. Even though I clearly killed him and saw his body, because the game said I saved him, he re-appears later in the game and thanks me, so I am able to kill him again. Sometimes, just killing someone will cause someone to re-spawn, as when I killed 2 people, I returned later to find 2 in the same place and they were clearly the same models from last time.

So that’s it. Every way to kill every NPC possible on Dishonored, Knife Of Dunwall, & Brigamore witches WITHOUT ANY ALARMS SOUNDING (as alarms generate new guards). These are all the enemies in the game map, and it does not count enemies that appear out of nowhere. However, some enemies re-spawn accidentally due to bugs, but I count them as regular people I can kill because they are part of the game. Even if it is a bug, it is an NPC that has to be killed.

Total Kills:
Total Civilian Kills:
Total Hostile & Civilian Kills:

Knife Of Dunwall & Brigamore Witches
Total Kills: 309
Total Civilian Kills: 21
Total Hostile & Civilian Kills: 330

Dishonored + Knife Of Dunwall + Brigamore Witches
Total Kills:
Total Civilian Kills:
Total Hostile & Civilian Kills:

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