Why I Should Write For Hollywood: Avengers 3 Movie – Teaser Trailer

I am working backwards with all the ideas I’ve had for other people’s licensed movies to show you my version of how I think some movies should be made. There are many movies based on different properties, mostly comic books, that I always wondered why they never made it to the screen.

Imagine, if you will, a trailer for Avengers 3. This is a Teaser Trailer to show everyone who the heroes are. Maria Hill narrates the Trailer. She is talking to someone, but you don’t know who. Her voice is always over the scene below her speech. Due to HTML, this is not in traditional Script Format.

 photo MariaHillT1_zpsb6648e81.jpg

MARIA HILL: “Nick Fury went missing on assignment.”

Show Nick Fury being subdued by a mysterious assailant with the bodies of SHIELD agents all around him. Fury looks at him as if he recognizes his assaliant. A hand moves toward the screen to indicate he is grabbing Fury by the neck.

 photo 9108ecec-3c45-48eb-8fd1-b82f9d8851a0_zps97b2029b.jpg

MARIA HILL: “Bruce Banner was lost by our scouting team.”

Bruce Banner/Hulk is shot at with Tranquilizers in a remote desert-type town and falls down. His eyes glow, but he is then hit with over a dozen more tranquilizers and it prevents him from turning into the Hulk.

 photo 577e9a1b-3286-4561-b4b5-774915d6ef35_zps03620691.jpg

MARIA HILL: “Captain America’s home was in ruins; his whereabouts unknown.”

Show Captain America/Steve Rogers already captured, chained to an operating table that raises upward as Maria Hill talks.

 photo CaptainAmericaT1_zps0e45e385.jpg

MARIA HILL: “All attempts to contact Thor have met with failure”

 photo 35890720-ae76-48b9-8f3f-e65140c1176a_zps8b90f7f4.jpg
Show scene from Thor 3 to indicate Thor is having his own problems in Asgard and is unavailable.

MARIA HILL: “And, just yesterday, Tony Stark was taken while on his honeymoon.”

Tony Stark/Iron Man and Pepper Potts in some exotic county; this is their honeymoon. Cut to Pepper Potts trapped under rubble in a house/hotel, watching someone flying away with Tony Stark.

 photo IronManT1_zpsa9ab6a8a.jpg

MARIA HILL: The world is in danger.. We we need a new team to rescue the Avengers…and save the world.

Show Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers punching a giant robot in the city. CUT TO: SHIELD Agents near a limo as she turns around from the robot debris on the ground. CUT TO: Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel flying through the sky. She lands on top of the Helicarrier. QUICK FADE OUT.

 photo ab552e1f-567a-403f-a017-fb75b7496d92_zps787c7763.jpg
Miss Marvel – Model: Crystal Graziano, Photographer: Martin Wong

CUT TO: Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel on the Helicarrier. PAN LEFT: A small insect-like creature spins around and shoots laser blasts on the ground, then transformers into The Wasp. Behind Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel, a thump is heard and she turns to see Giant-Man/Ant-Man is in his giant form.

 photo bb93af36-1668-4aac-9223-8c656b4782bb_zps7c704911.jpg photo 52ade334-7ea4-4df6-a418-63d889374148_zpsf1bc6920.jpg
The Wasp – Model: Riddle1, Photographer: Bryan Humphrey

CUT TO: CLOSE-UP: Maria Hill standing seriously at the Helicarrier entrance (to inform them of the events, which is this trailer’s dialogue). ZOOM OUT: Quicksilver runs up at super speed to stand left of Maria Hill. Scarlet Witch teleports to Maris Hill’s right.

 photo 14941bbd-6f0a-4052-aa46-e9d64160039e_zps8d35c186.jpg photo 319c2314-edfe-40ba-8f7e-aa417f36a8dc_zps0017fa96.jpg
Quicksilver – Model: Cloudwarrior75, Photographer: Unknown
Scarlet Witch – Model: Kelly Jane, Photographer: Pouncy


MARIA HILL: “There is…one more.”

SERIES OF SHOTS, EACH WITH EXTREMELY QUICK FADE IN AND FADE OUTS: A hand picks up a syringe (this is the Extremist syringe from Iron Man 3). An arm is injected with the same syringe. A neck pulls back in pain, but we can’t see who it is.


CUT TO: Pepper Potts, glowing red with the Extremis virus.

 photo 951ed18c-3291-4e2b-a08e-0d6815339d4f_zps61d2651f.jpg
Pepper Potts – Model: Natalie, Photograher: Michael Greening


AVENGERS 3: Coming Soon

Notes: 1) Yes, I know Scarlet Witch can’t teleport, but she needs a visually different power than everyone else on screen, and it needs to be quick and to the point. 2) In addition, Pepper Potts wouldn’t have the Iron Man arm on her, I just needed a picture that showed she had the Extremis on her skin. #) The villain (or villains) should be revealed in the 2nd Teaser Trailer.

All cosplay photos refer to DeviantArt usernames if their real names are not used.

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