Dishonored Story Playthrough: Chapter 9 – Rage Unleashed (FINAL CHAPTER)

      Samuel leaves me at the dock to the Lighthouse, and says Martin, Pendleton, & Havelock have turned on each other. Can’t say I’m surprised. Then he says he is disappointed in me because of my actions. Well excuse me for trying to save my own life. I knocked out many guards, and I never killed any Weepers. Was it not enough?

      I then feel the Outsider’s protection against Samuel gone. I ready my bow, ready to kill Samuel as he leaves, but then realize that he is one of the few that didn’t betray me. Plus, he also saved my life. I watch him go away, remembering what he said; we’ll never see each other again. I then remember I didn’t say goodbye to Cecelia and wonder if I will see her again, too.

      Realizing my actions of killing only partially have created a bad outcome, I don’t really try to knock anyone unconscious anymore. My psychic text powers alert me to the fact that I’m still a bad person even for killing a few people. I alert myself to some guards and then Stop Time at the exact moment they shoot their gun. I then possess another guards body and leave him right in front of the bullet. I watching as Time returns to normal, and the bullet flies right at the other man, killing him instantly. I possess one guard and take him into the water, killing him instantly. They all live on an island, yet never bothered to learn how to swim. Upstairs is a metal walkway that leads to a door, and I hear and guards above, but start firing my gun to get them down here. I quickly rewire an Arc Reator and it kills 3 of them slowly, meaning I have to run around them as it kills all of them in a few second. I possess the next few and walk them into the reactor.

      My wave of destruction is cut short when I enter the Guardhouse and find Martin and his men (a combination of city Guards & Overseers) are attacking Pendleton. They have already blow out a hole in the fort. I approach the guards and Martin while Martin is yelling at Pendleton, only to find that they are not interested in fighting me. I stand directly in front of Martin’s face, and he just stares at me; NOT A SINGLE PERSON OF THE 7 PEOPLE IN THIS OUTDOOR AREA TRY TO ATTACK ME! Martin must realize that I’m here to kill him, right? He shows no emotion and just stands there, dumbfounded at my resurrection. I decide to let him live, as it appears he is waiting for me to kill him for the guilt he must feel.

      I search all around the complex, going along the rooftops, the middle areas, and the ground, in what is a very large circular Guardhouse. With so much cliff and water below me, I start knocking guards unconscious and throwing them off the balcony, where they smash against the rocks or fall into the sea to drown below. Sometimes I see their small, lifeless bodies floating in the water around the island.

      When I eventually find Pendleton, atop the guard tower he doesn’t talk to me, just stares at me like Martin did. So I kill him for setting me up in the duel to die all that time ago. I was expecting something more epic. Maybe an apology. Maybe a final death threat. Why just a vacant stare and no dialogue? I don’t have my closure. I didn’t hear you suffer and scream as I watch my spring blade cut you to pieces. Then I climbed to the tallest tower and chucked your body into the raging rivers below. May your soul be damned to hell, Pendleton.

      Upon returning to different areas, I find that guards are magically returning in areas I already cleared (No one else ever attacks me in this outer area, and continues to stand still ignoring my footsteps and obvious facemask that matches all wanted posters. I leave to explore the other dock, but find absolutely nothing other than a few guards and a health potion. I do see two large, empty boats, so perhaps that is where the reinforcements that populated my cleared areas came from.

      The Lighthouse towers in the distance; who knows how high it is? There is only one way to the Lighthouse, and it’s through one small metal platform holding one guard and an Arc Reactor. I can see a small metal walkway under it where a re-wire weapon is housed. I possess the guard then take out the Whale Oil. Now there is nothing stopping. I gaze up at the tower and wonder how it was built is the could only only carry a few pounds at a time across this very small walkway. They had to have hauled the parts by ship and used pulleys…somehow. I’m just going to assume the Outside helped them.

      I see Lightning crack in the distance over my town of Dunwall. But, then I turn toward our city, and it’s on fire; I see nothing but smoke. What is happening to my city while I am gone?

      I climb down and explore the Lighthouse’s bottom, but there is nothing there. I then return to the elevator to begin my accent. As I rise, I wonder why there was only 1 guard here; if I know there was only one way into my house and someone wanted to kill me; I’m pretty sure I would have placed at least 10 guards around this elevator.

      I start by going up the steps and Blinking behind a guard, who I knock unconscious and throw off a balcony. I watch him fall for what feels like a minute. I follow him with my zoom eye until he vanishes from site; that’s how far up I am.

      I Blink behind the walkway the opposite direction I’m suppose to go, walk around the corner, up an air conditioner, and find myself on top of the Greenhouse. In the distance, I hear Emily and Havelock arguing. He is struggling with Emily, and tells her that I’m a bad person. Emily says that I am her friend and that I am coming to kill him. She is right about that.

      Instead of helping her, however, I go down the stairs and find a maid that Havelock has killed. I toss her over the balcony and continue downstairs and find…the maid hanging straight down off the balcony railing. Her toes are hanging on the edge, supporting her entire weight as she flows with the wind.

      I walk into the Greenhouse and find Havelock’s notes. He says everyone in the conspiracy must die except people with something to lose. He also wonders if Emily is my child. I wonder about that , too. I also find a mattress on the floor that I can tell is where Emily was kept.

      I finally decide to save Emily and Blink over to where Havelock is, and accidentally knock him unconscious when I wanted to kill him. Emily thanks me for saving her, then asks if I killed them all. I tell her yes, and she says it’s a good thing, as she’d have them all killed anyway. I have just saved the future Empress of Dunwall, but how will she rule now that she has been surrounded by death and betrayal? I killed for her so she could take the throne; all she has learned from that is that you must kill to get what you want. The future is bleak, and Dunwall will most certainly suffer under her rule.

      The Outsider does not say hope is completely lost; for he can give me the ability to turn back time to when I first arrived in Dunwall, and try again. I accept the Outsider’s gift, but now I can only think of how angry I am that nothing went the way I wanted. I had tried to be equally punishing and forgiving, only to find no middle ground. There is only one thing to do now. Now, they will all pay; everyone in Dunwall – I will kill them ALL!

The End?

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