Dishonored Story Playthrough: Chapter 7 – The Flooded District

Mission 7 – Flooded District: Beware Hagfish & River Crusts

       I dream of going through a closed off District that is populated by zombies, only to realize I was thinking of the Thief novels again, but then I wake up and find myself in a closed off District of the city with zombie-like creatures.

       I take a brick from my cage and throw is at the floorboards above, breaking them one by one. Amazingly, there are no guards on duty, but I do see my wanted posters on the wall for killing the Empress & the Lord Regent. But, I also notice that the wall has many posters of people’s faces with red circles with a diagonally line through it. These are assassinated targets. I also find a book where they list their current targets and the outcome.

       I go downstairs and make my way though the water, possess a hagfish, and swim through a vent to leave the building. I then Blink up to the highest balcony to take out the Assassins in the building I just escaped, because I can.

       I learn pretty quickly to stay out of the water; there are hagfish everywhere. I jump along the rooftops, until I hear the sound of screeching that can only be a River Crust. Below, I see 6 River Crusts. I equip my grenade, toss it off the roof, wait a few seconds as it bounces toward them, then Boom!, watch as the explosion flings them across the waters. I usually have to be close to them, wait for them to open up their hard outer shell, then shoot them; but the grenade will kill them instantly even with their shells closed.

       I bounce across the rooftops, encountering Overseers. Apparently they are fighting the Assassins, and failing at it, as I find their bodies everywhere, but don’t find a single Assassin body. I also find some Assassins, and some Weepers. The Weepers all live together crowding around fires. They look like homeless people until you get close; at which point they come at you with a rage and try to kill you. I knock most of them unconscious and toss them over the fence so no one will find the bodies.

       I return to the area where Daud first kidnapped me and threw my gear away. Luckily, there are no assassins here. I survey the entire ground and blow up lots of River Krusts in the process (while also obtaining more gold, as every dead River Krust has a pearl inside). I wonder why I am still collecting gold since I can’t use it for anything anymore.

       I jump across the roof and climb as high as I can, but eventually find I need to be on the ground to activate the stairs. I find an empty whale oil tank, fill it up, then take it over to the power station to activate the stairs. Once inside from the top, I climb all the way to the bottom, where my gear is waiting surrounded by 5 Weepers. I don’t have time for this; I shoot a grenade into the middle of them and watch them all explode. I then take my gear back from my indestructible bag.

       When going to the other part of town, I find a note that says they used kids, which led to many people dying. I also find a few homes in the rooftops, but one has a code for a safe where I’m heading. In the next section, I am walking along a man-made walkway from old metal scraps obviously placed by the assassin to make their lives easier. I explore everything, and get lost trying to navigate my way through the large section of the city where sometimes you have to go through a house and jump out the other window to reach a different section.

       I enter Daud’s house, and freeze time to take out 3 assassins. However, while I’m doing this, Daud says he can sense me coming, and that those powers won’t work on him. He’s right. When I eventually find him, he’s not affected by my Time Stop. I see his minions frozen, but he is moving and fighting me. I shot many gunshots at him, and cross blades as well, until finally, I back up and toss a grenade. I think Daud explodes, but after the battle, I can clearly see the bodies of the 3 Assassins I killed, but no Daud. What gives?

       I listen to Daud’s audiograph, which is interesting; he did kill the Empress, but is remorseful about it, even deciding to kill the Lord Regent for hiring him to do it in the first place (only I beat him to it). I leave and return to the next section only to feel that Daud is still alive. How did he escape? Where did he go? I don’t like the fact that he’s still alive, but I don’t want to go back there and search for him either.

       The next section of the city is the main body dumping area. Every few minutes, a train passes overhead and drops many bodies into the river; there are so many piles. I see two people struggling to survive as one man dies in the other’s arms.

       There are many homes to explore and rob here. I eventually find a woman who moved here on her own because she has the plague, and two men who came here to rob the place but now can’t get out. The two men have a key to a room I want to go to, so I kill them and take it from them. What I find inside is so many items.

       Next, I have to kill some Tallboys so I can blink up to a very high platform, then remove the whale oil that powers the Wall of Light. However, removing the Whale oil sets off an alarm and two more Tallboys arrive. I have to walk to the other end of this entire street to jump onto the train, and then ride it to the end. However, at the end is another Wall of Light, and nowhere to go. I jump back the way I came and explore the city. Eventually I find a key to the front door, and some lights. If I turn them on, the Tallboys will start hunting for Weepers in that area, giving me time to get around them. Once at the front gate below the train, I see another Tallboy patrolling. I sneak through and arrive away from this horrible place.

       Earlier I had found a letter from the company before the district had flooded that mentioned they used boys in their work that frequently died. Then, the City Watch are told to use people suspected of the plague to install the lights, then kill then when they are done. I wonder why I should place Emily on the throne of such a corrupt city.

       I’m not done yet; this section of the city isn’t connected to the others, so I have to use the sewers to escape. The first thing I see is a dying thug. He says Slackjaw went after a creature, and that some of their men died. This leads to a very odd scene; Granny Rags has captured Slackjaw and asks me to help her cook him. I agree. I then talk to Slackjaw, and he says to help him out. I agree also, just so I can get any gifts from him, but Granny Rags overhears my conversation and jumps right to the conclusion that I’m after her. She starts teleporting all over the large cavern, commanding an army of rats to attack me. I kill her, but she just comes back.

       Slackjaw tells me I have to find her charm and destroy it; only then can I kill her for real. I frantically search her bedroom, but can find nothing. Maybe it’s outside; still nothing, and this whole time I’m being clawed at by rats. I return to the bed eventually and find that the charm is under the pillow. I toss it in the furnace and destroy it. Then, I go to Granny Rags and slit her throat. I release Slackjaw, who gives me a key. He just stands there smoking.

       I find another Outsider shrine and The Outsider appears; confused as to why I let Daud live. I’m confused at that, as well. I find a river under Granny Rags 2nd house and ride it down back to the beginning of the sewers. I eventually make my way through more Weepers, and collect another Bone Charm. It is then I realize that I can’t get all the bone charms. I forgot one near the beginning of my quest here, but I can’t return; I fell through a sewer grate that close automatically behind me. I can now no longer get all of the Bone Charms. How will I sleep at night?

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