Dishonored Story Playthrough: Chapter 6.5 – My Influence

      After killing the Lord Regent, everyone invites me into the bar for a drink. I walk toward the bar, but I realize it’s not completely over; the killer of my beloved Empress is still out there. I even worry that they will surprise on the way into the bar. Suddenly, I panic and try to block Samuel from entering the bar; what is the killer has found out about me and is about to kill everyone in the resistance?

      Samuel makes it into the bar, and I look around for any indication of an attack. As I talk, Lord Pendleton demands to be called Lord by Admiral Havelock and gets really testy about it. I experience a little wooziness. Was I just drugged by my allies? Or, is this a side-effect of my time-warping with the Outsider’s powers all the time?

      I had seen Emily’s art earlier, and she drew a monster with a sword fighting people. Was that me? When I talk to her at the bar she says she wants the people to fear her the way I’ve shown fear to others to gain respect. What have I done? Emily is going to grow up to be the opposite of her mother, and it’s all my fault.

      Then, I talk to her again, and she wants to put many people on two different boats, then crash them together just because she can. This girl is going to be a disturbing Empress. I don’t think I want to see what she turns into.

      I then talk to Overseer Martin, and instead of trying to clean up the Overseer’s sins like I expect him to do, he says that Campbell’s notebook will make it easy to keep everyone in control to do what he wants; he’s going to blackmail everyone in the religion to follow things his way. Everyone is so jaded and evil now. Even Cecelia wants Lydia gone because, even though they are both servants, she thinks Lydia talks down to by her.

      What have my actions done? I’ve shown them all that my violent ways and turned them into violent individuals. I have helped carved a way for people in power that now I don’t want to be in power.

      I don’t get time to philosophize, as I quickly fall to the ground. I was drugged, and I see Pendleton, Havelock, & Martin teaming up to kill me. They only care about power? What about the very term of the Loyalists? What about the times I saved their lives?! They say they plan to turn over the man that killed the Empress and the Lord Regent to get in good with the public. As they leave, Samuel mentions to me that he had to make the poison in front of them, but tried to half the dose so it wouldn’t kill me. He says they are worried that I will control Emily if I am around, but…she would know that I just suddenly disappeared, right? She knows I didn’t kill her mother, so when Havelock starts saying that I did, she’s never going to believe him again. I wonder that, if I had acted differently, and not killed anyone, would I have been betrayed? How is it I can see the inner thoughts of all my allies with my magical heart, but I couldn’t see that they were trying to betray me?

      I awaken in a boat in the Flooded District. While still paralyzed, I am found by people that teleport like I do. They bring me before Daud, the man who killed my Empress. He tells me he doesn’t understand how I have the powers I do (and I’m wondering the same since mine came from the Outsider himself; how do they get theirs?) and tosses me into a small hole with rats and bricks. My revenge is only half complete; for now, Daud must die to finish my original mission to avenge my Empress. But, after that, I will start a new mission of vengeance–they will all pay for betraying me. But I can’t really fault them; I showed them a bloody and violent path to their goals, and though I feel responsible for their betrayal, I still feel betrayed, and they will all have to die.

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