Dishonored Story Playthrough: Chapter 6 – Revenge: The End Of The Regent’s Reign

      I find myself on the ceiling, watching the guards talk to the Lord Regent through a box which displays his image; and they can actually hear him talk back to them. I didn’t know this had been invented yet. I slowly make my way around the place by freezing time and knocking all 5 guards unconscious. I then turn on the TV and reveal myself to be Corvo to the Lord Regent. He is surprised, but quickly calls guards to my area, which get to die because I’m tired of using up all my elixirs. The shock on the Lord Regent’s face was priceless, though, and well worth the effort of almost getting myself caught.

      I make my way to the far left door near the entrance and find a huge room of Lord Regent busts. How many did he have commissioned in the 6 months I was in prison? It’s like he pre-ordered them years in advance because he knew he was going to overthrow the Empress. And there was a statue outside with the Lord Regent’s full body. How did he torturer the sculpture makers to make sure they produced all these fast enough?

      I then go the door on the far right towards the entrance and find a staircase that I follow all the way up to the top. There is nothing here but a magical floating clipboard. There is a microphone and controls to indicate this is where all the audio comes from throughout the city, but I can find no speaker. I try to use it myself, but the microphone does not work. I try and select the audiograph, but it doesn’t work either. Maybe I need to find an audioograph card to input into it? Maybe I’ll find an audiograph of Burrows’ that details his entire master plan the way Garrett found out many of Karras’ plans. I run out the front door of the castle, then return to this exact spot, but the clipboard is still floating in the air and nothing works. I abandon my plans to tell the world about how evil the Lord Regent is, and will have to merely settle for his death.

      I walk into the basement and hear the maid talking about delivering food to the torturer. I take to the air vents and follow her from atop them and find out the location of the torturer. First, I eat his food, then, I go downstairs and murder him and his dog. When I first entered, he was taking delight in beating a corpse. I learn that all the people in the castle are afraid of him because he not only follows the Outsider, but he also steals things and is generally creepy when people try to interact with him. Even when the maid delivered his food, the first thing she did was run back to the kitchen.

      The torturer’s chamber is not in a good location. Why would the regent place this only a few feet from his chamber upstairs. Also, you would have to bring criminals through the castle chamber to get them down there. The only thing I can think of is that he actually torturers people in the prison and this is his own personal quarters, and he doesn’t sleep on a bed, and only orders corpses to attack as a hobby whenever he is bored.

      I knock out all the guards on the first floor, tossing them onto the beds. At one point, the maid has a dream spasm and can’t stop twitching over and over again, banging her knees onto the bed. I’m surprised she doesn’t wake herself (or the others).

      I search most of the rooms, and at one point find an Overseer praying. I sleep dart the dog and knock him unconscious. I then learn it’s a good thing I didn’t kill him; this was Martin’s insider. I use my heart to find out there is another bone charm behind a wall, but I can’t find out how to get it. I’ll have to come back later.

      I learn that the Spymaster purposely wanted me to go away, leaving the Empress vulnerable, but if he wanted to kill her, why did he wait so long? Of course. When I first returned, the Spymaster said that I was full of surprises because I returned two days earlier than they expected. Either they planned to frame me for the murder a few days before I returned, but before I arrived in the city; or, they were always going to kill her when I arrived to blame it on me, and had to quickly push the timetable up 2 days when I arrived early.

      I find the Lord Regent’s bedchamber, but he is not there. I search for the door to the roof in what seems to take forever. I arrive inside before so many guards that I freak out and possess a rat to quickly hide in the shadows. I slowly take out the guards and knock them unconscious, then chuck their bodies into the moat below. I possess a rat again to get into the safe room the Lord Regent built, and find him speaking to someone else. Is the Lord Regent working for someone else? A foreign power?

      I find a way to take out the Tallboy, hide from the alerted guards that arrived at his demise, and see the Lord Regent is hiding behind a Wall of Light. Well, this will be fun. I rewire the Wall of Light, go in through the front door, possess his body, then jump out at the exact moment the Lord Regent is in-between the Wall of Light. He vomits, draws his sword, then I see his very body shatter into ash. The Lord Regent rules no more.

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