Dishonored Story Playthrough: Chapter 6 – Revenge: Anticipation

      Samuel is not where I left him due to the Tallboy patrols, and I have to jump over the dam to get to him. When we arrive home, Samuel walks into the yard. Don’t go Samuel; Pendleton’s up there; he betrayed us. I expect Samuel to die, only nothing happens.

      I return to my room to find a Bone Charm from the other Boyle sister, thanking me for not killing her. How did they find me? I’m surprised the City Watch isn’t here right now. I find Emily, who is playing hide & seek, then go to Kill Pendleton, but the Outsider forces me not to. For some reason, the Outsider has designated certain people that I cannot kill, and every time I lift my blade, I feel a pull to put it back in my pocket. Pendleton doesn’t talk about the letter at all, and I wonder why; just because I walked away? I still delivered the letter, even if I did run away from the fight; I still know what he did!

      Anyway, I’m anxious to end the Lord Regent’s life. I should go to sleep, but I am running on adrenaline and vengeance. Samuel takes me to the Lord Regent’s stronghold (my old castle where I was once the Empress’ bodyguard). I start out swimming and exploring the rocks outside, seeing if there is any other way to get into the castle, but even the balcony in the docking room is far too high. I climb up behind the water elevator that stretches nearly 10 stories high. I’m back where I started; this is the same dock I entered when I started the g…when I returned home from my message to the other city. This time, however, there are patrolling guards. I quickly go out a window, and find that I can Blink to the lower courtyard, avoiding an unlocked door and a Wall of Light. I go to the roof and see that I can survey the entire length of the path to the castle entrance. I’m so high up that no one, not even the Tallboys, or even the gun-firing Watch Tower, can see me. Since I can see them, I quickly take out 3 guards with sleep darts.

      I then find the best combination of powers ever. I freeze time to walk up to the Tallboy, then use my double jump. At the very top of my double jump, I can stab the Tallboy and kill him instantly. It’s so fun to unfreeze time and watch the pieces of the Tallboy fall to the ground.

      I’m accidently spotted by the Guard Tower, and run to avoid being splattered by the bullets. I run to the right and hide in the bushes, slowly waiting for guards to walk by. In a quick amount of time, I go through 2 guards, and immediately make it upstairs on a balcony, then Blink to the Watch Tower. I reprogram the tower and watch as it kills all the people below in a glorious firefight of explosions that takes 5 minutes to kill everyone.

      I walk to the courtyard and find that a maid was shot by the Watch Tower. Eh, I tried to avoid the blood of innocents, but now that it’s happened a few times, I’m starting to care less about it. I learn about the torturer who interrogated me for 6 months, and decide I should kill him for no reason even though that’s really going out of my way for this particular mission since I already have someone I’m currently trying to get revenge on that seems more important since this Regent killed by Empress, but I guess revenge is not logical.

      I’m not happy about the courtyard I’ve passed; everything has been makeshift guard towers, tons of lights, and a huge Watch Tower right in the middle of the door. The Lord Regent has destroyed the majesty of this castle, and as I find a way inside by using a small shaft, my mind intensifies with pleasure at the anticipation of killing him.

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