Dishonored Story Playthrough: Chapter 5 – Crashing The Party

      Outside the Boyle home, I find many Tallboys, and tons of Weepers. I play along the rooftops and evade patrol routes, but I don’t kill anyone today; not even Weepers. Maybe I’m in a good mood today, but I make it my goal that no one dies tonight.

      After exploring every house I can, I look for ways into the manor. I posses a fish to get in the basement, walking through a door which leads to the kitchen. I eat the food they are cooking then go into the locker room and steal some coins. I then realize that I just stole the meek amount of money that the maids get paid by the nobles; I am a bad person.

      Going upstairs, I can see the party to my left, but the stairs continue upwards. Unfortunately, when I try to go up, a guard blocks the stairs and pushes me away. I only have to wait a minute for him to walk down stairs, at which point I make sure no one is looking, and quickly make my way upstairs.

      I run into the White Boyles room, only to find out from the first room that I’ve searched is the Boyle that I am looking for. In her bathroom I make a great discovery; she has a key to the Dunwall Castle. At one point, guards start walking through her room to the hallway; you must go through White Boyle’s room if you want to go to the 2nd floor hallway? This is some messed up design. I would hate to live like that.

      I leap off her balcony and run into the man Pendleton wanted me to deliver the letter to. I follow him to the field and a guard starts talking about me being Pendleton’s proxy for what I realize, once they open a box of pistols, in a duel. That lying sack of shit. Pendleton wants me dead! But doesn’t he need me to overthrow the Lord Regent? He’s also a coward, getting me to fight a battle for him; but I think he knows I can win because he needs Lady Boyle gone, also. I’ll kill him when I return.

      I go around to a guard station and steal some gold while a guard is looking. He does not care. I then eat an apple on the desk, to which he exclaims, “Hey, my apple.” I start laughing in his face. I return to the party and start talking to everyone. At one point, I bother a guy who says he doesn’t think I’m on the guest list and reports me to a guard. When he asks who I am, I simply tell the guard I work for the Outsider, and he just believes I’m drunk.

      All 3 Boyles are in masks, and playing a game with their guests in which they must guess which is which. I already know from the notes I’ve seen upstairs. I talk to all the Boyles, and once I’m sure the White one is my target, I seduce her by making it look like I am after her, but not because I’m trying to win this game. I don’t tell her I know which Boyle she is, or show her who I am.

      She escorts me up to her room, and as I follow, she says she is with someone powerful at the moment, but she can’t name him. She says she doesn’t like him, and just needs him to help her family survive in this city. This is not a villain. I knock her unconscious then freeze time to get her body through the maids in the kitchen so I can take her downstairs. The man in the mask says that she’ll be fine, and I sort of trust him, until he says she’ll have all her life to love him. I’m going to try and not think about that, I just ran through the house and it’s streets without killing a single person for the first time, and this is how it had to happen.

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