Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 4 – Kidnap Sokolov: Crossing That Bridge

      Samuel takes me to the far left of Kaldwin Bridge. The lights are so bright that not a single soul can go undetected on the other side. I need to deactivate the lights if I want to escape with Sokolov later. I swim along the entire area, but can find no ledges to get to and am instead attack by sea bass. I eventually have to dry off and make my way inside to a mine cart. I can’t wait to turn it on and go for a ride. I make sure to disable the men outside first so I can then enjoy my ride in piece.

      I next swoop under the stairs and then Blink across the river to a drawbridge. I pull the lever and it rises upward, going to a house with a Weeper. Why is this small bridge here? Anyway, I return and finally enter the district where people live on the bridge itself.

      I enjoy knocking out the noble and stealing his money, but he wasn’t that smart. He hid the combination to his safe on his paintings; that’s pretty brilliant, but he stated he did so in a journal right next to his safe. I wouldn’t have discovered the combination the first time, but no, he had to write down the exact order of the painting in his journal. Well, his fault is my gold and Bone Charm. Don’t really know why a noble would have one of these bone charms, though.

      I then find another Bone Charm, but the man who found it killed his brother for stealing it and stayed in the city (he was supposed to leave by boat) only because he felt he should after he found the bone charm. Since he built a shire, I am able to contact the Outsider. He informs me that Sokolov has tried to contact him, thinking that a certain spell or incantation will help him unlock the bone charm’s power, but he says Sokolov doesn’t have the ability to use that power. He would actually visit him, if he thought he was more interesting. The Outsider speaks so calmly, yet his bone charms obviously have a negative effect on people.

      I possess a dog, and get ready to attack a guard, but then find I can do no such action. I was really looking forward to ripping his body apart with the dog’s teeth. I instead climb as high as I can and jump down directly on him to kill him from above. I use his body to cushion my fall so I am not injured.

      Next, I grow tired of hiding like I’ve done every mission; I get spotted on purpose, and have 3 guards and 1 dog follow me around a corner, then I shoot them all with sleep darts. I then notice that 3 more guards stand still near an Arc Pylon. I climb the roof and toss a grenade into the middle of them, then watch as their bodies hilariously explode and toss themselves into the waters below.

      Next is the bridge. I am attacked by electricity bolts as soon as I enter from the Arc Pylon. What a devastating device; I lost nearly everything. I drink an elixir and remove the Whale Oil. However, on the next one, I reprogram it to attack the guards, but it isn’t attacking them, even though a guard is standing right there. I walk up to the guard, who freaks out at my ability to evade the Arc Pylon, but as soon as he draws his sword, he’s exterminated into ash. I guess the Arc Pylons base themselves on motion. I then make short work of the lights, ensuring my future escape.

      I climb on the hinges of the massive bridge in front of me until I can’t anymore, then Blink to the top and activate the crosswalk. I find a dead body at the top of the bridge, hording money; he’s obviously one of Slackjaw’s thugs. After I cross the walkway, I knock out a guard and place him on top of a box (the only one of the walkway) and HE FALLS THROUGH IT. I think for a minute that I’ve tossed him into the waters below, but then I still hear him snoring. I can’t pick him up anymore, and he’ll wake up trapped in a box.

      I rescue a guy who says he’s got some pearls for me if I’ll help him out. He also says he was just selling scrap. Yeah right, buddy; you’re Slackjaw’s man that was captured because I HEARD YOUR FELLOW GANG MEMBERS TALKING ABOUT IT. Actually, now that I think about it, I never saw your gang members corpses, which means the Arc Pylons got them. Anyway, I let him out and follow him, but soon we are stopped by River Crusts. These things; they look like flower pods, but quickly open up and spit green, acidic poison the burns my flesh. I instead chose to explore more, and find two thugs in a house guarding some pearls and other goods; I take them all. I return to the River Crusts to slow down time and take them out quickly with my gun. My jailed friend leads me to the house I had just plundered, and takes a drink from the water. He them immediately turns on me and starting blowing fire. What makes him think I was responsible? Yes, I was, but he has no evidence of this. If I can trick your entire organization into helping me after I’ve already poisoned your elixir and killed half of your gang, I’m pretty sure I should be able to feign innocence with this one guy. Either way, he’s dead now. Time to move on.

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