Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 3.5 – Repetition

      On the way home, I have a sudden feeling of dread; I left the door open in the basement when I left. What if other Weepers found their way into the basement and were able to go into our hideout and kill everyone while I was gone? What if, because of my oversight, I return to find all of my allies are now Weepers? Emily would have no followers and no way to claim the throne and I’d have just achieved a completely empty victory at getting her home.

      Again, I return to the Hell’s Pits, or whatever my base is called. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can just tilt my head 45 degrees upward to read the sign, but whatever. Callista tells Emily she will be teaching her and takes her off to show her her room.

      I use my Heart to listen to Emily and hear the Heart say she has seen many dark actions and seeks comfort in childish things, but it never lasts. I also hope that I am not, in fact, HOLDING THE HEART OF HER DEAD MOTHER RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER and further killing her soul and outlook on humanity. Also, hopefully she doesn’t put together that I NOW POSSES THE ABILITIES OF THE PEOPLE THAT KILLED HER MOTHER.

      Luckily, there are no charms that the Outsider decided to leave me today, for I was feeling rather tired of tracking them down and wanted a rest. I’m supposed to find Pendleton first, but, man, I might as well be tracking those bone charms again because it takes me 15 minutes to find him behind the tower. Couldn’t he have told Havelock where I should meet him?

      Interestingly, the maid now feels a little sad for Pendleton and wonders what it would be like to be with him; this from the same woman that thought it was a stupid idea to even think of marrying him previously.

      I try to show the rest of my allies my new powers of fake teleportation (I’m bending space to move faster, actually), but all they say is, “Did I just faint.” I don’t have a lot of hope for this new regime should we succeed in overthrowing the Lord Regent. If my own allies are so close-minded to refuse to see what’s in front of their own eyes, how can they see what’s happening to the very people they will help to rule without making things worse?

      Pendleton is sad his brothers are gone, but says, “I suppose I’ll have to have children, or recognize one of my bastards.” Nice guy. Then, he says, “This is a new beginning, I’ll make sure of that.” His words sound ominous. I hope that he isn’t using us to kill his brothers so he can take over their prestige and votes, and is, in fact, continuing to use us so that he can become the next Lord Regent. If it wasn’t for the audiographs of his diary that reveal more of his inner soul, I would have killed him right there rather than chance it (and made sure to kill his servant, too—I really hate that guy).

      I go to sleep and have a dream where I relieve my escape from the prison without letting a single person spot me, and hear a small bleep as I finish my mission. I wake up to find I have salivated all over my pillow. Better get to the next mission.

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