Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 3 – Find Emily: Golden Cat Bathhouse

      I start on the streets, wondering where that hotel is that was supposed to be a shortcut, and instead sneak along the roads to a dead end near the canal and knock out a prostitute who was admiring the view. I climb up many air conditioners, listen to some guards, then knock out all the guards that are patrolling the rooftops.

      I find a back entrance once I climb over the roof and jump onto a balcony on the 2nd floor. Luckily, a noble and his ‘woman’ are passed out in front of me. I learn 3 guards into the room while I find under the fireplace, then kill then once they’ve given up the search and turned away from me. I later knock out two prostitutes and bring them back to the room as well, enjoying my safety. I find later that the bodies like to disappear, and wonder what happen to them. Oh well, their lives aren’t my problem.

      I then realize, that though I increased the number of Sleep Darts I could carry, I never actually bought any sleep darts (and only had 2 for the entire mission). I curse myself and slit the throat of a City Watch guard in front of me in anger.

      With all the hallways of the 2nd floor clear, I find a staircase that leads to some rooms. Along the way I’ve heard where the Pendleton’s are, but I was going to visit every room and kill them if I saw them, so it wasn’t really too much concern for that information, but luckily everyone thought they should state what room the Pendleton’s were in every other room I went to.

      I ignore all the rooms for now and go up the back stairs which only lead to the women’s living quarters; they look like guard rooms of a noble’s house. And then, surprisingly, I find that Emily is there! She is excited to see me and gives me a hug (though I had to take my mask off for a second so she’d know it was me. She says she’ll show me an easy way out. I tell her to wait as I explore the room next to her, but when I return, I find she hasn’t waited for me. Oh no! What if she’s killed along the way? I’ll have failed everything I promised to the Empress! I frantically run down the stairs, searching the 2nd floor for her. The heart doesn’t help either, telling me that I should stay close to her to make sure she doesn’t drown; thanks for rubbing it in my face. It isn’t until 10 minutes later that I return to the stairway to search again and notice the VIP sign; this leads to an area I hadn’t explored, a back entrance I just remembered should lead back to the Distillery District where Granny Rags was wandering. With luck, I find her alive. She says she’ll be ok from here on out and that she knows the way. I am confident that, despite 8 city blocks of Weepers, City Watch guards, Bottle Street Gangs, and gun-torrent Watch Towers that she’ll definitely be safe; nope, definitely no need for me to escort her at all.

      I find myself getting annoyed at two women in the bathroom upon my return. I spot them staring at a mirror in a bathroom, doing their makeup. I try to sneak in, but as soon as creep along the wall, I bump into a glass cup that falls and shatters on the floor, causing them to turn and spot me. Both of them run away screaming for help. Since both of the 2nd & 1st floors are empty now, I don’t care. Let them try and find some help. Of course, I just realized that I didn’t take out the guards in the garden. And, how was I able to sneak up on these women at all when they were looking at a mirror?

      I sneak along the outside ledge to Morgan Pendleton’s location in the Ivory Room. I open his balcony door and try to lure him outside, but he never comes. I smash some windows, and he just stands around dumbfounded. Irritated, I leap up through the window to announce myself, hoping to scare him. However, Morgan Pendleton is waiting for me, and THROWS A DINNER PLATE AT MY HEAD WHICH KNOCKS ME OFF THE WINDOW AND INTO THE RIVERS BELOW. Yes, I am a highly trained sword-fighter, warrior, and assassin, and I almost got killed by a scrawny noble with no combat experience. Maybe I’m not cut out for this job.

      I burn with revenge. My blood boils at the satisfaction I know I will soon receive. Every climb from the street back up to his room is building to his death. I enter through the balcony door I left open and cut him to pieces, feeling glee in my revenge. I toss Pendleton into the waters below the same way he did to me, but his body gets caught on the railing and twists and contorts around it. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure physics don’t work this way. But, I do speed through the air and defy those same physics, so I try not to question the world god has made.

      His woman shrieks, and she stays still on the ground, and easy target to knock unconscious. No matter how angry I am, I know it’s not here fault and that I shouldn’t kill her; she’s just trying to make a living. Then, I remember she said no one helped her old boss as he screamed for hours, and seriously think about throwing her off the balcony to drown, but luckily my desire to kill the other Pendleton returns, and I leave her there with the emotional scars of having a man killed in front of her with his blood splattered all over her dress.

      I see guards approaching (didn’t I clear this hall?) and quickly return to close the door where Pendleton was and quickly teleport upstairs. I can hear people searching for me. I spot a guard on the balcony and quickly throw him off as I hear the voices behind me fanning out. Sorry, but my life trumps yours.

      The other Pendleton is talking about having his women dress up as someone he hates so he can ‘punish’ her. I’ll be glad when he’s dead. Though interestingly, I hear that there is a noble he hates because they have many crystal deposits under their land. I wonder who this person is?

      I return to the Artist’s house and open the safe, but I can’t find Slackjaw. I was going to give him the combination to the safe, after I had already plundered it first, of course, but I can’t find him at his desk. Oh, well.

      I then remember I forgot to collect the runes in the Bathhouse. Am I really going to go back after my mission is complete just for something that that I know will only make me feel slightly more powerful my gaining the ability to regenerate my health from water? Sigh. Yes, yes, I am.

      After going through the level again, getting the runes, then leaving the Golden Cat, and entering the first street, I find my previous actions rewarded: three guards are back on the street (magically), and I watch as each one is ripped apart by the Watch Tower I re-programmed. This technology thing is so undependable. I make my way to the Wall of Light, only to find it off. I was pretty sure it was on when I left for the Golden Cat. I walk through and find that the Whale Oil is empty. The guards were killed by my Watch Tower before they could start it up again, leaving me a straight path to the boat.

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