Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 2 – Killing The Religion: Corruption

Mission 2 – Killing The Religion: Corruption

      I find Overseer Martin chained up in humiliation. I free him and he thanks me. I wander around the streets, then find I can Blink up to the 3rd floor of Campbell’s house. I sneak in through the window and quickly take out 5 guards in succession. This stealth thing is getting easier. I then find a book that details how to place a mark on an religious member who is an outcast. I realize I can use this on Campbell, but don’t want to; this corrupt bigot needs to die.

      Having found his room, I hear him talking to Callista’s uncle. I quickly run to the glasses of poison, and switch the drinks. I want the Captain on my side. I go out the window and watch the action. Campbell starts talking, then suddenly chocks and realizes he is dying. Campbell begs the Captain to get his journal, but doesn’t finish his sentence. Then, the Captain calls forth help, and demands that they close the place down to find a murderer. The Overseers say they will control their own house, and the Captain and one of his men fight off the Overseers and escape.

      I explore the rest of the house and find Campbell’s secret room that you can only access by pushing a button in a status of himself. I’m glad this guy is dead. He has a hidden room in the basement with a mattress where he meets with woman. Hilariously, one of the Overseer’s has been watching him through the window and was warned to stop in a letter I found.

      I enter the back of the Campbell house and find many guards patrolling with dogs. I also see the sheer evil of the Overseers. One of their own has a sister accused of witchcraft. The others say they don’t get special treatment just because she’s related to one of them. They kill their overseer member and his sister gets away. Then, I come across an Overseer who starts coughing. The other 2 members near him accuse him of hiding the plague from them immediately. He says he’s fine, and coughs again. They kill him while he tries to defend himself verbally.

      Listening to their stupid fears of the plague, I wonder if anyone even knows the symptoms of this plague. It is just coughing? He could have had the common cold, but everyone is so freaked out. Since I’ve been in prison, half of the city has died, and now it looks like the other half will too, but not from the plague.

      In one room I find a device that Sokolov has invented; it plays a musical tone that renders my powers useless. This is very disturbing and I hope I don’t see much of these in the future. I explore many of the houses around here even though my boatman is only a straight line from the door I entered to get here. I can’t help it; there is gold here to use so that I can buy better upgrades in addition to finding ammo and other gear to help me in the future.

      As I get to the boat, I am almost spotted by someone. However, as soon as I hide, they seem to take a page from the guards in Thief and say, “Must have been rats,” and “must have been the wind.” Maybe it’s just a natural thing to say when you don’t know what a noise is.

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