Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 2 – Kill The Religion: The City

Mission 2 – Kill The Religion: The City

   &nbsp  One of the first things I see now that I am released from prison, and it’s the City Watch dumping bodies from a bridge into a boat below. One of them says “I think that one moved,” but they toss it over anyway. “Well, it’s not moving no more.” Great. I’m so glad I used to work with these type of people.

   &nbsp  I see a Wall of Light, which is a wall of electricity that will disintegrate anything that walks in front of it. I instead go the other way and find two guys just walking about. I don’t know why they are here when the City Watch is just a few paces away. I point my heart at one of the men and it says he reports his friends to the Lord Regent.

   &nbsp  I make my way into a house and find Granny Rags, an old woman who has her house suddenly attacked by the Bottle Neck Gang. She says if I help her, she’ll give me something, so I place a springwire trap on the ground then open the door. It kills one, and then I quickly make short work of the others with my sword

   &nbsp  Granny Rags gives me a bone charm, then asks if I can help her take care of the street gang itself by poisoning their illegal elixir they make. I think about it as I make my way through the city. I walk through the city streets, avoid people, and end up accidently saving a shopkeeper, who gives me some good deals; even the heart agrees with me on that one. I further explore the city and find two thugs having a disagreement with some other thugs (they think one of them is stealing money from a City Watch corpse), who then kill each other. This city has gotten so disgustingly evil since I’ve been gone. I decide to end the lives of the 2 people remaining.

   &nbsp  I make my way to a scientist’s house who has some rat poison I can steal to poison the elixir supply of the street gang. There are also questions about how the rat plague appeared, since most rats seem to have started in the inner city instead of the docks.

   &nbsp  Leaving the scientist’s house, The Blink power comes in handy when jumping around out of view, but I still take the time to enjoy the scenery and look for any possible wall I can mantle and climb over. I constantly look for other ways to walk, jump, fly, & yes, even fall.

   &nbsp  I make my way back to the Distillery. I am told that I should not enter, and retract my steps. Luckily, I find that I can walk on the pipes above and sneak past them all (no one ever looks up). I hear people talk about someone who could move very fast and wears a mask; but I haven’t been here yet, so I don’t know who they’re talking about. The Outsider has given many people these powers before, but for what purpose? I quickly find some secrets inside, steal many valuables, then search for the elixir to poison. I finally do the deed then quietly escape without being noticed.

   &nbsp  I return to tell Granny Rags the news, and find she has built a totem to the Outsider. The Outsider suddenly appears out of nowhere. Is he following me everywhere and watching me non-stop? Is he tracking everything I do to make sure I complete a task for him? In Thief, the Trickster watched over Garrett for a while so he could get him to steal an artifact for him (both creatures are enemies of the church and considered the true evil by them, mind you) so I am suddenly worried he is keeping tabs on me for a reason. But, he speaks so calmly it’s almost like he cares about Granny Rags when he says she used to be very famous, so much so that many people vied for her hand in marriage.

   &nbsp  I have fun knocking out guards in the middle of the street, and then I reprogram the 2nd Wall of Light and purposely cause a commotion. Two guard runs toward me and are quickly vaporized. Another guard looks at me and tosses a grenade, but it evaporates. He walks slowly, then stops, slowly, then stops, slow, then stops. Hello, you’ve seen 2 friends and a grenade vaporized; do you really want to come after me? Finally, after his 3rd stop, he growls impatiently, draws his sword, and runs directly at me in a rage. I watch his body explode into ash. These guards are not very smart. Anyway, with the street now mine, I make my way to the Overseer property.

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