Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 1.5 – Listen To People’s Inner Secrets & Steal Their Stuff

Mission 1.5 – Meet The Allies / Search People’s Rooms

      I am told to meet the man in charge of the group still loyal to the Empress (Loyalists). Instead, I swim around the entire docking area. I am immediately damaged by sources unknown. Are there piranhas in the river? I swim around the left tower, but find nothing but colorful scenery (I’ve been in prison for 6 months, I needed to partake in the air and view the surroundings I had missed—though finding rare items washed upon the shore seems plausible, too). I then start searching the entire Loyalist house and steal people’s things (I told you, I can’t help myself). The gold is so tempting, and so shiny– and when I get close to it, IT GETS EVEN SHINIER!

      I also start reading through everyone’s personal journals; I do want to know about the people that have helped me. A poor whaler was defeated by the struggles of city life (was that the boatman?). I also learn that they wanted to free me for some time. Am I just an instrument to further the plot—their plot against this new nation?

      I meet up with Admiral Havelock (the leader of the Loyalists) and a noble named Treavor Pendleton. Pendleton says everyone is equal here, but I heard on his Victrola (I’m sorry, Audiograph; damn, I really read those Thief novels too many times while I was in prison) that no one understands he has problems, even though he’s heard ordering champagne from his servant as he says this.

      Admiral Havelock tells me they fight to take back the city from the Spymaster, who is now the Lord Regent and ruler of this city. I want to believe these people, but I could just be used again. Havelock tells me to talk to their inventor and get some rest, as if I’ve already decided to join them. I want to speak up for myself and tell him just because he busted me out doesn’t mean I’m going to instantly join him, but I find that, after having not talked to a single person in prison for so long, that I can no longer speak.

      I speak to the inventor, Piero. He has a bit of an ego trip. Reading all his papers, I find that he thinks himself superior to Sokolov, and believes his plague elixir is better. His papers give off lots of aggressive tendencies and hostility at not being recognized, as well as displaying feelings of inadequacy. I wonder if the Loyalists know how much of a dangerous man they are harboring. It is only a matter of time before he invents something dangerous (like robots that run on steam and shot canons from their arms) or turns into a villain to fight against us just to show us all how brilliant he is. I’m going to get close to this guy so that when he snaps he still considers me a friend.

      He shows me lots of tools and gives me a mask. Sweet; like Garrett, I now have a mechanical eye that zooms. This will be helpful is spotting whether or not people are facing me when I try to sneak by them. Since I am famous in the city, he recommends I wear it. He also has lots of tools that seem tailor suited to fit me. Has he been building all this since I was in prison, just for me?

      I find a letter from Havelock stating to Piero that they don’t have much money, and to stop requesting so many things. At least now I have a reason to justify my klepto ways; I can now say it’s for the greater good (new sweet gear). I already angered Havelock when I stole some of the gold from his bar and started chucking bottles into the air. Though why Peiro couldn’t find out that an item he needed was in the dumpster in the alley next to his house, I’ll never know (how long had it been there? It looks like this trash has been this way since the plague started—leave your workshop and explore the outside world around you!). I also run into Callista, who says her Uncle is the Captain of the guards, and wants to know if I could save her Uncle from Campbell’s plan to kill him. Apparently, he is the only person in the City Watch that is uncorruptable. I wish I knew if she were telling the truth, as I feel that I should know this since I did travel with this man for 4 months.

      I then try to explore the tower, but there is no way inside. Realizing I’m completely trapped, with no doors to leave and find out how this connects to the city, and no walls to mantle over, and realizing that I did just break out of prison and was running for life and am possibly exhausted, I go to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow, I can begin my quest to look for Emily and keep my promise to Jessamine.

      I wake up, but as soon as I walk outside, I find that the entire world is gone. All that exists is a blue haze filled with crumbling buildings and…a whale? It is here I meet the Outsider of legend. He gives me a power called Blink, which allows me to move at distances with great speed. I use it to explore the back of every building, and even the rocks near every building and corner. However I am not careful and fall into the abyss. Luckily, the Outsider teleports me back, saying that I cannot die here in my dreams.

      I see a construction of Jessamine’s death. Why are you showing me this? I also see Emily being held by 2 guys, and the Lord Regent playing with a map as if controlling everything like a chess game. All of them are completely frozen. What are these images? A few are just people getting killed or crumbling buildings and I wonder what they have to do with anything. The Outsider also gives me a magical heart that tells me the secrets of places and people when I point it at them. Garrett had a talking body part on his adventure–an Eye–but luckily, my magical talking object doesn’t make sarcastic quips at me; it just tells me the truth. It also tells me where magical runes and charms are so that I can call forth other magical powers. The Outsider says I have the potential to change this city, and looks forward to watching my actions.

      When I awake, I find the tattoo still on me. And, I move incredibly fast though the air. I now have powers, powers which I can use to save Emily and avenge my Empress.

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