Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 1 – Prison Escape: Sewer Escape

Mission 1 – Prison Escape: Sewer Escape

      I find my way up the steps and…on my god! Those rats just devoured two people to their bones in less than 10 seconds. I knew the plague was coming from the rats, but, wow. They were like piranhas just now. I don’t want to encounter…well, there’s some rats gunning for me right now; great. I dive into the water to escape, but, man; the sewer water? I’ll have the plague for sure now.

      I come upon some coins, then read the letter next to it. At first, I think I might have stolen from someone just trying to survive in this harsh world. It’s a good thing he already died of the plague, as I couldn’t give the money back to him; I have a mental disease known as kleptomania that prevents me from giving people back their money.

      There are some tripwires (why are these here?) and I eventually find the stash of items and clothes left by my new allies after searching for it everywhere even though it was right in front of me the last ten minutes. I immediately start a liking to the crossbow, and am able to take one guard out from many stories in the air. However, while traveling, I see 2 guards, and when they turn the corner and I try to follow, a 3rd guard is already walking toward me and spots me immediately. Having no choice, I have to fight all 3 of them. I’m surprised that the last guy didn’t run away after I killed him; he was the one telling his friend that I knocked unconscious earlier that running into and fighting me one-on-on was not a bright idea. He should have heeded his own advice.

      I look at the blood of the people I used to work with. What have I done? Is this how I am to survive, killing those that are just doing their job? Was there any way I could have avoided thi…hey, a pipe on the ceiling. I could have walked over the guards undetected this whole time. Damn you hindsight! If only I could go back to the time before this happened with a push of a button, but that is just a fool’s dream.

      I then have to get around more rats by feeding them corpses. I overhear the guards dumping the bodies illegally because they fear the plague. I just realized something horrifying. The Lord Regent says anyone with plague symptom should turn themselves in, and turn others you know that have it in. But, the Spymaster didn’t believe in that, he just wanted to kill everyone with the plague to save the city (I overheard his conversation 6 months ago when I first returned; it’s not something you forget). I understand his plan; The Lord Regent is tricking people into turning themselves in so he can kill them; he’s trying to kill off the plague, literally. I vow to kill him as soon as I can.

      I meet a man outside the sewers near a boat who informs me he is here to help me escape. I get in his boat and reflect on the number of people I’ve killed, the number of people I’ve knocked unconscious, and count the gold I’ve stolen for no reason whatsoever.

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