Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 1 – Prison Escape: My Fellow Guards

Mission 1 – Prison Escape: My Fellow Guards

      After living in a stupor for 6 months, I am approached by the Spymaster (now calling himself the Lord Regent, and ruling in the Empress’ place) and Overseer Campbell. They tell me they killed the Empress and set me up to take the fall because the Empress was weak in asking for help. Hello? It was a plague? What kind of twisted pride do you have? At least Campell is a religious bigot so I understand his reasoning. I’m pretty sure the Spymaster only wants power, and is just acting so he can have the High Overseer on his side.

      While in prison, I caught up with the popular Thief trilogy books that were popular before I left. I must say I find a lot of that world in mine. They have a religious group called “Hammerites”, and though not as violent as our Overseer brethren, seem all too familiar. I dream of taking my revenge, scaling up rooftops, and killing religious fanatics.

      The day before my execution, I receive a letter that comes with a key to my cell, and tells me they have hidden a bomb in the interrogation room, that I should retrieve it and use it on a certain door. Not caring at the moment who it is, I bust out and start crushing people in the neck, which somehow knocks them unconscious. At one point, I imagine how I’m going to sneak by the guard, but every time I imagine doing it, he always spots me. Frustrated, I run up behind him and chop off his head; I didn’t realize the anger of being imprisoned for so long would get to me like that.

      I find my sword and a gun, then begin knocking more people unconscious; these are the same guards that worked for the Empress, after all.

      I then overhear a prison guard state that he’s still in favor of the Empress. Shit. I don’t want to have to kill this guy; I’d better be extra careful and find another way around. Eventually, I make it to the bomb, and the wall, and try to imagine how the guards outside will react since I know where they are (I did work here after all). I assume they are right near the steps and come up to get me. When I blow up the wall for real, I run down the stairs to kill them, only to find they are not there, and are now behind a wall where I can’t reach them; shooting at me. I thought I knew where all the guards were supposed to be stationed?

     I head for the sewers, and overhear how hard it will be to find me once I’m in there. Thanks for the tip.

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