Blog – Amazing Spider-Man: My First Midnight Showing Adventure

I went Tuesday to see Amazing Spider-Man at 12:01am. I had never been to a midnight premiere before and thought I would relate my experience.

When I first heard the premise of Amazing Spider-Man, I thought, Proto-Goblin (who never shows up in the film) and Peter’s Parents would make a horrible idea for a story. Then, I saw the theatrical trailer. The idea of Peter searching for his parents actually made sense, as it would be something that 1) a real kid would do in high school now that they are older, and 2) tell a different story that hadn’t been told in the comics.

When the time came, I invited my friends (and 5 people showed up to a midnight showing; I was quite surprised at that). I went to the theater 4 days early to buy the tickets so I wouldn’t have to pay any internet surcharge and not have to worry about it being sold out.

The day of the showing, I arrived at 9:45, expecting there to be a big line; there were only 6 people. Eventually, around 10, these people were let in to see Amazing Spider-Man in IMAX & Real3D to choose their seats 2 hours early, because nothing was playing in either theater. Those of us with regular 2D movie tickets had to wait until 11:00pm to even get into the building (as their policy is you aren’t allowed into the building until 1 hour before your show starts). We were able to loiter at the entrance until too many people for the IMAX appeared and the Theater kicked us outside, where luckily it wasn’t 100 degrees like it was this late at night yesterday.

I asked at the counter, and found that IMAX was Sold Out; Real3RD was sold out, and 2D was Sold Out. However, they had opened a 2nd movie theater in 2D that still had 250 seats left. I asked if I could go into the other theater instead, even though my ticket was for the other theater. They said I could. And, as I expected, none of my friends had bought tickets early, but luckily they had opened that 2nd theater.

So, as we waited, a line eventually formed around 10:45, until they told the 2D theaters to enter. We made it into the 2nd theater, and there was no one there except the 2 people in front of us; we could pick any seat we wanted. We chose the direct center.

Then, Amazing Spider-Man started. It was much, much better than Spider-Man 3 (and felt more realistic than the previous 3 films), and I thought the best thing was Gwen Stacy & Peter Parker’s characters’ and the way they interacted with each other, and their relationship was very cute when they started talking to each other the first time. Peter really felt like an awkward kid who had no social skills. That’s all I’ll say on the movie though, because I don’t want to give anything away. Now I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray, and hopefully a sequel with Mysterio (yes, I can dream).

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