Shitty Stupid Horrible Crappy Video Games That Suck

So, when looking to YouTube, I found that many people were on the internet copying the Angry Video Game Nerd. A lot of people were yelling at video games and finding the stupid reasons to be mad at something (such as Irate Gamer and some kid that yelled at everything no matter what old game it was). This pissed me off because no one was doing anything original; they were trying to copy someone so they could get more hits. Some people tried to make reviews, and then based their judgment on it in just 10 minutes; while others were too young to realize how good this 10 year old + game was. So, in response, I made this satirical video about how not to do a video game review.

The funny thing is; a lot of people on YouTube don’t know this is a joke. Click on the YouTube link below and you can see all the stupid people who think this is real; it is pretty hilarious.

BlipTV / YouTube / MySpace / Facebook / Vimeo

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