SNES Gems – 01 – Radical Dreamers

I was in the processing of wanting to review and play Japanese Super Nintendo games that never came over to America, but now we can play them because someone spent hours translating them for you. I like games in general, and wanted to promote good ones. When I heard of a contest or Out Nerd The Nerd (as in “The Angry Video Game Nerd“) it motivated me to use all the clips I had record sitting around and actually finish them by using them into a review.  I want to focus on good games, too, and even games people consider mediocre and bad and tell them how good it is.  Of course,  ““The Happy Video Game Nerd” was someone I later found who also entered.  This was my idea, done better, and with a good camera.  Argh!  But I like his stuff because its good, occasionally funny, and promotes good old games for people to play.

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