The Natural World: Prophets of Stone – Chapter 5: Questions

Chapter 5: Questions

      Otovan, is a comet really going to destroy our world? It just sounds so ludicrous.

      As I have said before, we must find that out while you write.

      Comets are rare. Since the telescope, we have only found about four or five, but this one is actually coming toward us. Could it be guided by some sort of magical object, as all magic was not vanquished, correct?

      Therein you are correct. Objects that were blessed with magic still hold it within them.

      And you know that was not the question I asked. What is it you see Otovan? Is this happening now? Has it already happened? Or perhaps, has it not yet happened.

      I have no control over my powers. What I chose to see is not up to me, most of the time.

      Most of the time?

      When I have a question about what I see, sometimes what I see later attempts to answer that, as you just saw. When King Clandestine told them the story of the comet, I was able to see what the King was telling them by asking myself what happened before. Yet, my seeing only occurs because it needs you to write. You have no parents Lycious, and I know why.

      Please don’t tell me I am a demon of some sort.

      No. You were created, differently, but you are still human. There is always one person on this planet who is to be contacted to write when a disaster is seen, seen by someone like me. Like you, I am only the latest in a line that strings back thousands of years. My ancestors paired with your ancestors. Even though you were created.

      Created? What do you even mean? Have you ever seen my parents in your visions?

      You were created from these past chroniclers of history, that is all the books tell me. The chronicler will always be an orphan, with the knowledge of words passed down through the centuries.

      That might explain why I’m such a genius. Wait. How many times has a disaster occured? If what you say is true, why are there only 3 such recordings in history? Where are the countless others that should exist?

      I hold copies of every one, while one is always spread throughout history, but no one ever appears to take good care of them. I own 12 books, thus, that is how many times your world has come close to death.

      And no one knows of this?

      I cannot be certain, but it seems most of the world is blissfully ignorant of the first 10. Ironic for a world that prides itself of history. From what I have read, they date back very much further in time; most disasters are 500 to 1,000 years apart. The fact that it is only 50 years after the previous disaster causes me to pause.

      The war that Atius is preparing for is similar to my town, though they at least have an army and allies, while my people refuse to accept anything, walking every day like mindless zombies. It disgusts me. Why can’t I help Sye and Sara, too? Even if this is the past or the present, there must be something I can do.

      I know you want to help, but that is not possible. They are a continent away. And it is still unknown to me what time this occurs in. My visions jump from different times quite frequently, so it is hard for me to keep any coherent timeline straight. Are they the past, am I witnessing the now, or it has this yet to be, a possible future which might be averted? It would drive most people mad. You will be able to help me differentiate the time I see. You cannot help Lycious, until we know everything we can. This world needs a chronicle; history must be recorded.

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