My Super Mario World Levels I Created

So, I created some Super Mario World levels awhile back when I was unemployed. I had played 2 fan made Mario World games, but they were very easy. I tried to make a very hard World 1 (that is all I had the patience to make). You can see the insane levels I designed below. I’m really proud of the Time Trap, Aviary Adventure, and the 1st level to the left when you start.

BlipTV / YouTube / MySpace / Facebook

BlipTV / YouTube / MySpace / Facebook

Slippery Sloe – The first level I made, attempting to create a very large mountain that you have to go though lower and lower to complete. I tried to use the entire level from begining to end, only ending when the level editor reached it’s max.

Panic Plains – No platforms; just 1 long line full of Football enemies, bullet bills, and falling lighting attacks. This level seems simple, but I had to play test a lot to make sure there weren’t a lot of enfair death, that is why there are 5 question blocks available in this level.

Yellow Switch Place – A small weird level with Lakitu and random blocks and bubble enemies.

Aviary Adventure – A real hard level without many platforms. Two sections require jumping from one flying koopa troopa to the other. Lots of spinning platforms, too.

Time Trap 1 – This level contains no enemies; and is a puzzle level. Can you get to the end before time runs out? Or will you accidentally jump up a few platforms and have to find your way down again? I enjoyed making this one the most, it took a lot of time to figure out a way that made it so there was only 1 way to go through the bouncing music note blocks.

Iggy’s Castle – Bizarre fence climbing level.

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