Book – The Natural World – Overview

      Magic once nearly destroyed the world. Fearing that it might once again be used for such an immense evil, the worlds most powerful sorcerers gathered together, and banished magic from their planet forever. The last spell ever cast removed all magic from natural objects, but some magic still remains, embedded in man-made objects. Now, magic is a subject best forgotten, and the world continues it relative peace.


      All is not right. A comet is heading to rain destruction of the continent of Osidius; and powerful stone creatures of myth seek to claim this world from the humans which they were crafted after. Two siblings find themselves with the task of preventing this global apocalypse. They are not alone. The most powerful, yet immoral Warrior, will train them, along with a mysterious assassin, and a historian of incredible knowledge. Yet, they are also hunted by someone who claims to be the world’s last magician.

      Read The Natural World: Book 1: Prophets of Stone, to follow Sara and Sye’s tale.


      The Natural World is a novel I wrote in 2001 back when I realized I wanted to go into writing as my major. I have attempted to go back and edit with the knowledge I have obtained since I went to undergrad and graduate school for writing, but it is near impossible in such old works. Instead of letting the story and world I created fester in my hard drive, I will be uploading my entire 3 novels onto my website. Feel free to comment on anything in the story, but most of all, I hope you enjoy this story that took me years to tell.

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