Wesleyan World Storyline #2 – Fun With Laptops

Fun With Laptops 01

WW - 022 - Fun With Laptops 01

Alternate Tale

After the first storyline in which I introduce all the characters, I created this 2 part introduction using myself talking directly to the reader. I had written this originally because 2 of the first 5 strips had me talking to the reader too (which I eventually scrapped). There just wasn’t anything here; it was just me telling you what comic was coming up next, and I think most people would rather just see the next comic.

Unused - WW 022 Interupt (Original)

Fun With Laptops 02

WW - 023 - Fun With Laptops 02

Alternate Tale

Well, here is the author Shawn interacting with the character Shawn. I’m so glad I didn’t go this route when I originally started the story.

The ‘figment’ remark refereed to the scrapped storyline that eventually became the “Displacement” 3 issue comic book.

Unused - WW 023 Interupt 2 (Original)

Fun With Laptops 03

WW - 024 - Fun With Laptops 03

An alternate take on the ending. I was never sure sometimes which was the funnier way to end a comic.

Unused - WW 024 Fun With Laptops 03 B

Fun With Laptops 04

WW - 025 - Fun With Laptops 04

And now, an alternate take on the ending dialogue.

Unused - WW 025 Fun With Laptops 04 B

Fun With Laptops 05

WW - 026 - Fun With Laptops 05

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