I will be in Baltimore, MD for BMore Into Comics #5, which is at The Windup Space on 12 W. North Avenue.

There will be 10 local writers and artists from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, so if you are in the area, come stop by and talk to us while having a drink.

BMore Into Comics #6

Free Comic Book Day 2015

      Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday (May 2). I, along with 3 other artists, will have tables there in the store to tell people about our art and comics. If you want Mechanaflux #1, it will $3.00 instead of the usual $5.00, this day only! I will also have Issues 2 & 3, along with my other titles, The End & Displacement. Displacement will also be $5.00 instead of the usual $10.00! Only for this event.

      Check out the website for Legends Comics.

      You can also look through the list of all the free comic books that will be available. I will most likely go for Transformers: Robots In Disguise (because Transformers is one of my favorite series), Dark Circle (I read the 90s failed remake of ‘The Web’ by DC Comics that had some of these characters crossover, and curious as to what this new take on it is), and Captain Canuck (a comic series I bought2 issues of [also in the 90s] when I used to visit Canada regularly; is this a gritty reboot?).

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      So, Ninja High School had a Kickstarter recently that collected the first 25 issues of the series that started as an independant comic in the 1980s. I had read Volume 2 in 2003 and really enjoyed issues 101 – 115 that I had (Volume 2 starts at issue 75), but it’s been so long that I don’t remember much of the series other than there were ninjas, superheroes, and space battles, but I remember enjoying it, and can’t wait to read the series in full.

      It was only a few years ago that I saw the manga sized version of Volume 1 (the first 6 issues) which followed different characters other than the ones I had read. It follows the story of Jeremy Feeple, a boy from a ninja family who hasn’t taken to his family’s calling. A ninja bride arrives to marry him based on a deal Jeremy’s mother made with her father, but at the same time, an alien has been sent to marry him by royal decree. The two girls fight for his affections. Slowly, it gains a very large cast of characters. It also included really random anime references that I understand now, but I’m not sure many people would have gotten back in the 80s. Anyway, here is the cover.

 photo 23a1c2f0-028a-42ba-b5a2-8ef21895d302_zpsme6n4oaw.jpg
Who needs a title?!

      An Add-On reward was the Ninja High School Volume 2 Textbook, which were the stories of Jeremy’s brother and his adventures, pictured above. I was disappointed I missed that Kickstarter, but excited it was an add-on so I could still get it.

      Extra rewards that came with the Kickstarter were also 5 prints (3 were the characters from Ninja High School Volume 2, while the other 2 were Angel Warrior Areala and some character I don’t recognize) and a button.

 photo 81c919bc-875d-4873-8096-bad11c56ab1d_zpsp2zrycei.jpg

 photo 25c9fe02-82e8-4316-8e47-bf361f746985_zpsydroft93.jpg

> photo 20150423_181326_zpsygspes3e.jpg

      And I’ve also noticed that both textbooks are on Amazon, so if you are interested in giving the series a try, you should look for old copies of Tokyopops’ books because the first 3 volumes are incredibly cheap at only a few bucks (but is insanely expensive Volume 5 and beyond), but if you like the series, you should definitely buy the textbook.

If you are coming here from my business card, welcome to my website. If you are coming to my webcomic site from my business card, welcome to my webcomic! You can see all the comics I have currently here. You can view some of the pages under the pictures, and/or order them through IndyPlanet and a few other places.

This past weekend, I attended TriCon in Hungtinton, WV. It was also only the second time I had my banner for Mechanaflux at a con (the first being Smudge Expo in Washington, DC). It was a fun show, but it felt slightly smaller in attendance than the last 2 years. After the convention, I went to stay with my parents, saw my sisters, and even attended my nephew’s birthday party (he’s now 2).

I need to do what I’ve been wanting to do now that I have A) my Mechanaflux sign, B) my webcomic, and C) attending a really large convention (Otakon); and that is try to create a great table set-up. I’m going to try and get input from a lot of people to make it stand out more. I’m going to buy a normal black cloth, but I also want something more colorful, even if I have to cut my own from Joannes’s. Since I only have comics, I need to figure out how to display and format them on a 6 inch table that will draw everyone’s eye, which for now seems to be getting more flip-stands and posting every comic standing up. I don’t think I could use a stand that goes above the table, like I’ve seen others, since I don’t have that many prints, and original prints aren’t really sellers anyway. Anyway, I hope to have an amazing table at Otakon and look forward to seeing how this con will be like now.

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Mechanaflux, along with Displacement & The End, are at Fantom Comics in their Indie Display. This will be the last weekend for the comics display, as the Indi section for my comics ends at the end of March. Here is a picture of the comics as they are displayed at Fantom (Mechanaflux was later added to the top section).

 photo Fantom Comics_zpszcgjparo.jpg

Fantom comics is in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.

 photo BGC-Box_zpse8280787.jpgBubblegum Crisis Front, Back, & Side

      Today I received the Bubblegum Crisis Blu-Ray in the mail. It is the first time it has been released on Blu-Ray, and I can’t wait to watch it in high-quality. Now, I could go on and on about how much I love this series, or even show you all the different versions and art books I have, but for now I’m just going to show you what the entire package looks like. Please forgive the really poor MSPaint Pasting.

      At first, USPS tried to deny me my well deserved reward, and when I first tried to pull the box out of the mailbox, it wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t squish it either (the back door the mailman uses must be bigger). Well, I grabbed my scissors and for 10 minutes in the dark of the night, stripped the box away to get my precious prize.

 photo BGC-Mailbox_zps446b5954.jpg

      Now, the rewards are really cool, as I’m most excited about the A.D. Police key chain, and the coin with my favorite villain, Largo. You also get 7 postcards. Plus, the back of the cards have character design sketches.

 photo BGC-CardsFront_zpsf70536af.jpg

 photo BGC-CardsBack_zps2dbeafcb.jpg

      They also give you the 4-Issues American Comic Book Series in digital format, as well as all 3 RPG books set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe (not pictured). Next, I’ll show you the front and back of sleves. Also, note the pictures with names on them. My name is there in Linna’s mouth in the picture she is smiling.

 photo BGC-Labels1_zpsbfa7329a.jpg

 photo BGC-Labels2_zps46b04656.jpg

      And don’t forget the discs. That ends this look at all the items for this Kickstarter. Now that this was a success, AnimEgo might starting doing the same with some of their other properties.

 photo BGC-Discs_zpsd83da208.jpg

 photo 4Versions_zps8b0c8962.png

       I am having a blast watching Casshern (from 1973). It’s fun watching him fight robots and seeing one of the early anime titles of that era that was the source for one of my favorite anime titles in middle school. One thing that was surprising for me though, was how both Luna (Casshern’s childhood friend) and Casshern’s mother both are treated much differently than what I would have expected for not only the girlfriend character, but the dead parent, as well: Luna actively fights by Casshern’s side, whereas Casshern’s mother is a spy for the robot army.

       In Casshern, lighting strikes the android BK-1, which awakens and decides to destroy humanity. He attacks his creator Azuma, his wife Midori, and their son, Testsuya, who barely escape with their lives. Their dog is critically injured, and is turned into a robot dog with the original’s brainwaves (Vision and Wonder Man did the same thing in Avengers in 1970). And this robot can turn into a car, jet, sub, and spaceship. However, BK1 now calls himself Braiking Boss, and creates an army of robots with Azuma’s factory and begins taking over the fictional and unnamed country he was born in. Tetsuya, realizing that the UN is no match for Braiking Boss and his robots, merges his body with a robot, becoming an android; neither human nor robot. Now, he fights to defeat Braiking Boss and save humanity.

       Enjoy the theme song:

       One of the themes of the series is that of identity. Casshern hides what he is because all humans hate robots of any kind now, and Casshern frequently finds himself outed, and yet continues to fight for a world that shuns him. However, just by watching Cassherns actions, most people learn to accept him at the end of each episode.

 photo Luna_zpsd56f4b65.jpg

       Luna has a father who invents a gun which can kill robots with one shot. He is killed when his invention is discovered, and Luna is determined to fight with his weapon no matter what Casshern says. In the beginning, Casshern constantly tells her to leave so she will be safe. Yet time and again, because Casshern can only use so much energy before being helpless, Luna comes to his aid. In the end of the 4th episode (in which she saves Casshern’s life, by the way), she actually leaves on a boat, and you think they are writing her out of the series, but then Casshern interrupts her boats path, and realizing he can’t win this battle alone, asks her to join him in the battle, no matter what happens. Starting out as the damsel that Casshern needs to rescue (2-3 times), she eventually turns into a warrior to fight Braiking Boss’ army.

 photo SwaneeampBK1_zpsfb979bf0.png

       One of the weirder and unsettling moments is when Braiking Boss kidnaps Casshern’s parents. He is going to kill Midori to prove a point to Azume, but Azuma (asking his wife’s permission first) says he thinks he can save her, but it will come at a price. Braiking Boss thinks she escaped, but what Azuma has done is transplant her brain into their robot pet Swannee (a robot Swan). Braiking Boss takes Swannee as a pet and is never suspicious of what she truly is. Here, Midori gathers intel and reports to Casshern, helping them stop all of Braiking Boss’ evil plans. Midori (usually every episode) puts her life on the line constantly to help all of humanity. And though Casshern wishes they could all 3 return to the way they used to be once this is all over, it sometimes seems that Midori knows this can’t happen, and only helps him have hope to see the battle through.

       I’m so used to seeing the parent’s dead, and the son trying to move on, that I was surprised at how refreshingly different it was to have the parent now be the spy for the villain of the series. Her life is in constant danger (again, she is only a robot swan), and seeing Casshern and Luna save each other on a near equal basis makes it feel more of a team effort. It somehow feels more progressive than most anime titles I watched in the 90sat the time.

       I have never seen this series before. I grew up watching Cassharn (it was re-tittled) on the Sci-Fi channel back in the early 90s, and was always bummed that it was so awesome, and yet only had 4 episodes (or OVAs, as I would later find out). So much so, that watching the original series, I’m seeing similar ideas and themes that are in Mechanaflux that were not in the original 90s show I watched. So far I have only finished the first 12 episodes, but I know that it, too, will end. Oh well, I suppose I can watch Casshern Sins again and cry at the the really bleak and depressing future and character stories in every episode. I will revisit Casshern again, because there is an episode in Casshern Sins that is definitely a modern re-telling of one of the 70s episodes, and I’d like to examine the way the story is told in each one.

       If you are interested, you can check out Casshern’s 35 episode original series from 1973, or the 4 part OVA from 1993.

 photo CasheernBlu-Ray_zps143ae758.jpg

      Below is my kill streak from Dishonored. I wanted to see exactly how many AI I could kill, based on how many are in the game. When I say everyone, I mean those already in the game map. If an alarm sounds and people come out of nowhere, I restart, because those people weren’t on the map in the first place. However, there are some glitches at 3 points in the game where clearing enemies re-spawns them, but I have to accept that even though it’s a glitch. Also, I kill ALL enemies, civilians, dogs, rates, & river crusts, even though humans and dogs are the only ones that count as kills).

      This list is incomplete because I lost 1 note page of the kills for 3 of the levels, which is why I waited so long to post this.

      In prison, I kill the first 3 guards quickly and silently. I kill 2 prisoners by firing my rile, even killing the guy all the way in the back. I blow up the bomb on the wall and run back to hide, allowing all the guards to pile up, search for me, then give up. After they wander around, I kill 5 of them, return to the door, then decide to go back and see they have all re-spawned. They case me all around the prison as I kill 4 more, but when I return to the hallway out of the prison, there are 4 more guards. I silently kill them, but even when killed silently, another one replaces him from around the metal bars and starts walking onto the scene. In this level, after the bomb goes off, there will be in infinitely spawning amount of guards which is always 5-6 people at all times. This is the only point in the game where this happens. I quickly give up and jump into he river.

      In the sewers, I meet my first NPCc I cannot kill, the two guards who are eaten by rats. I will have to accept I can’t kill every NPC from now on. The message ove r the loudspeaker says I have killed many people in my escape, and they are right about that. After counting my tallies, I see that the 3 prisoners I killed were counted as civilians, even though they were Slackjaw’s thugs based on their character models.

Dunwall Prison
Kills: 30
Civilians Killed: 3

      Next I appear at the Hound Pits. I overhear every conversation about me and how they need someone to kill for them and recue Emily to put her on the throne. I tried to kill everyone here, before and after I meet the Outsider, but each person gives me a Game Over due to disbanding the resistance. What’s funny is that I get this message even before I’ve talked to a single person there. I can’t knock anyone unconscious, either.

      So, I meet Samuel outside, and go on my next mission, where I have to kill the High Overseer, as he not only has info on where Emily is hiding, I know he is one of the people that set me up. My Goal will be to change every Wall of Light and Guard Tower into a death machine for everyone. Upon my arrival, I start shooting the guards on the bridge and get them to stop throwing the bodies, causing all 4 guars to run down to me, and then I’ve quickly cleared the entire street. I sleep dart two civilians and throw their bodies into the river to kill them that way. I have no way of knowing if my Wall of Light, Guard Tower, and drowning kills count as my kills or not. I should have left one guard standing them came back to this point of the level and tried each kill before beating the level.

      When I go to the 2nd Wall of Light, I wait until all the guards see me before I change the light to hurt them. Two guards charge into it and die. Hilariously, the 3rd guard knows not to come in and throws rocks at me, but they disintegrate before hitting me. Then, he creeps toward the Wall of Light. I wait about 3 minutes or so, until he finally says, “fuck It,” charges at me, and then gets disintegrated. What an Idiot. I cannot kill Slackjaw and Granny Rags, as they will give me more people to kill later. I save civilians, only to kill them after they are saved, but before they have a chance to disappear (except for Overseer Martin, who ends up with a Game Over if you do). The Overseers had no problems and I killed all of them and their dogs.

Distillery District (Mission 2)
Killed: 77 Total Killed: 107
Civilians Kills: 7 Total Civilians Killed: 10

      In this level you need to find Emily and rescue her, and kill the Pendletons who kidnapped her, too. As the level begins, I count 9 Weepers running from the Guard Tower. They all die by the explosives shot at them. I tried to actually freeze time and kill them myself before they could be killed, but it’s not possible, no matter how fast you can blink and use your Blue Elixirs. I have to let them get killed by someone else. Sigh.

      A guy later tells me to follow him to Slackjaw, but I kill him and then his friends that run toward me. I then go into slackjaw’s territory and kill everyone BUT slackjaw, and Slackjaw doesn’t care, and still offers me a job. I can’t kill Slackjaw again because of the benefits he’ll give me, and I know I can kill him later in the game. I can’t kill Granny Rags because she will just turn into rats and show up later. I finish my killing Griff the shopkeeper.

      I can’t kill Slackjaw again because of the benefits he’ll give me, and I know I can kill him later in the game. I can’t kill Granny Rags because she will just turn into rats and show up later. However, once I’ve bought all I can, I kill Griff the shopkeeper.

      In the square, I kill all the guards, but when I go into the house (a loading screen) and return; more guards appear. This happens one more time, resulting in 12 guards to take care of instead of 4. This happens as 1 or 2 other points in the level. I kept exploring the entire level again before I left, and always found a random guy the materialized out of nowhere 2 or 3 times becfore the map was fully cleared of all NPCs.

      Below you will see the Civilian count increase because of the prostitutes killed in the Bathhouse. Also, this level has the most people you can kill of any level in Dishonored.

Gold Cat Bathouse (Mission 3)
Killed: 107 Total Killed: 214
Civilians Killed: 16 Total Civilans Killed: 26

      The next level is to find and kidnap Sokolov. Some of Slackjaw’s men are supposed to rush out and get killed by electricity so you can see how it works before you get killed yourself, but I was able to kill them first. I possessed each prisoner and walked them through a wall of light to kill them rather than save them. Everyone died by me.

Kaldwin Bridge (Mission 4)
Killed: 59 Total Killed: 273
Civilians Killed: 8 Civilians Killed: 34

      Next, I walk in on Calista in the bathroom and tell her Piero is watching her. Then I buy a wine to convince Sokolov to talk, or do I torture him?

      Next I’m going undercover at a royal ball to find out which Boyle Lady is the Regnet’s woman and is helping fund him. The level starts out with 3 civilans getting killed by Tallboys (they are not Weepers, as I later check the bodies; which means the Tallboys just kill anyone around the area). Howver, I cannot kill them because I am glued to the boat. I am, however, able to freeze time and stop 2 Weepers from attacking 3 guards. I freeze time and kill all 5 of them before they kill each other, but it brings a Tallboy toward me.

      I kill everyone around me everyone outside the hall, and am even able to subdue the 3 civilians talking before they can go into the party. Before going to the party, I find an abandoned home with 8 Weepers in it.

      Once inside, I shut off all alarms. Oh wait, there are none in this level. I silently kill the 4 cooks and 2 guards in the basement. Next, however, take more planning. And by planning, I mean I start randomly killing people and leaving their body on the floor, everyone runs screaming, and I kill everyone. I then search the premises and hunt down and kill everyone hiding in the corner. I even kill the guy on the boat who wanted to help me. Once I return to the outside, 2 Tallboys have regenerated, but once killed they never return between loading screens again. This is probably the shortest level in the game, and it also has the highest civilian death count.

Missing Missions 5, 6, & 7 Totals. Though in the Flooded District, there are 3 whalers who appear to give you dialogue then vanish from the game. I was able to slow time twice in a row and move quickly to climb up to the top of the warehouse and kill all 3 of them before they teleported away. This is all I remember from my notes for these missions.

      The final level, the Lighthouse. Once I kill 3 guards at the top eastern platform in front of the electric barrier, 3 more magically appears, and this happens 3 times (for 12 people total) that I have to kill before the area clears.

      The 2nd dock is a magical re-spawning point. I restarted and didn’t count it, but if you start something over there, guards start randomly appearing behind you when there was no physical way for them to have gotten there. Also, these 3 dock guards are the only guards in the game I’ve noticed that don’t give you a physical view of 3 lightning bolts to indicate their awareness.

      If you kill Samuel as he leaves, you get a picture during the ending sequence that shows Corvo standing over his grave. If you left him live, you get the original picture of the ending, where Samuel is in his boat and about to be killed in a tidal wave.

      The civilian killed Is Lady Emily. I had assumed Lord Pendleton would be the 2nd one. The only other civilian is the maid right before you confront Havlock, but she is dead before the level starts.

Lighthouse (Mission 9)
Killed: 78 Total Killed:
Civilians Killed: 1 Total Civilians Killed:


Prison Level Respawns: 4 (I killed the first 5 that came out that appeared all at once, but removed the next 4 I killed because they were infinite respawns of the guys I had just killed. I still keep the first 5 that came out though. The third wave I killed wasn’t recorded because I re-loaded after I had killed them all.

Total Removals: 4


Between Level 2 & 3 – The Weepers Under The Pub: 2

Total Additions: 2

     Granny Rags says the Empress isn’t at rest, and Pierro said he kept a heart alive. Early on, the Heart starts to remember something, then stops talking when it applies to her, which seems to be a topic about the Empress; the Heart has trouble talking about the Empress in 3rd person because the Heart then starts to remember that she actually IS the Empress. When in Dunwall Tower, the heart says “you and I have been here before.” So I’m almost certain now that the heart in my hand is the Empresses.

      The Weepers are not Zombies, but instead a metaphor for how the upper echelon treats the poor, that they are a disease that must be cleansed to make the city better. Here, the poor literally become a disease and you see how the city can’t survive without them. Not only that, but Weepers are dehumanized the way the poor normally are when the rich speak about them. The city is dying, but the upper society still doesn’t see the problem.

Knife Of Dunwall & Brigamore Witches

Mission 1
Killed: 50 Total Killed: 50
Civilians Killed: 5 Total Civilians Killed: 5

Mission 2
Killed: 57 Total Killed: 107
Civilians Killed: 6 Total Civilians Killed: 11

Mission 3
Killed: 41 Total Killed: 148
Civilians Killed: 0 Total Civilians Killed: 11

Mission 4
Killed: 26 Total Killed: 174
Civilians Killed: 5 Total Civilians Killed: 16

I had to work hard to kill everyone before they killed others. I had to make sure I could kill everyone while also not dying. Anytime someone ran or fought anywhere, I killed them all first. The kill count is high because you were supposed to watch them all kill each other, but slowing down time allowed me to kill everyone.

For Mission 5, I also needed to get a ship. Oh yeah, and I killed everyone before doing my first quest, included the gangs and the pirates. So when I get to the boat and start it up with the coil, all the pirates miraculously reform to follow me, forgetting I killed them and follow the same patterns in this area, but now they are Neutral. I can’t kill them now, but at the end of the level, it says I no longer need them, so I go and kill all the same people again in this one area, which is why my kill count is so high in this level.

Mission 5
Killed: 90 Total Killed: 264
Civilians Killed: 5 Total Civilians Killed: 21

I was expecting some butlers (even dead ones) but this is the only level in Dishonored, Knife Of Dunwall, & Brigamore Witches without any Civilians to kill.

Mission 6
Killed: 45 Total Killed: 309
Civilians Killed: 0 Total Civilians Killed: 21

In level 1, I saved these 2 people from a jail cell, then killed them right after the check mark let me know I had saved him. Even though I clearly killed him and saw his body, because the game said I saved him, he re-appears later in the game and thanks me, so I am able to kill him again. Sometimes, just killing someone will cause someone to re-spawn, as when I killed 2 people, I returned later to find 2 in the same place and they were clearly the same models from last time.

So that’s it. Every way to kill every NPC possible on Dishonored, Knife Of Dunwall, & Brigamore witches WITHOUT ANY ALARMS SOUNDING (as alarms generate new guards). These are all the enemies in the game map, and it does not count enemies that appear out of nowhere. However, some enemies re-spawn accidentally due to bugs, but I count them as regular people I can kill because they are part of the game. Even if it is a bug, it is an NPC that has to be killed.

Total Kills:
Total Civilian Kills:
Total Hostile & Civilian Kills:

Knife Of Dunwall & Brigamore Witches
Total Kills: 309
Total Civilian Kills: 21
Total Hostile & Civilian Kills: 330

Dishonored + Knife Of Dunwall + Brigamore Witches
Total Kills:
Total Civilian Kills:
Total Hostile & Civilian Kills:

      So here is the follow-up to my previous Spider-Man Outline; did anyone grieve over the loss of Ben Reilly? Well, someone was missing grieving after his death (what was with me writing two depressing stories about people dealing with the loss of their loved ones? Was it because the comics I was reading didn’t appear realistic)?

      Anyway, Ben Reilly had dated Jessica Carradine right before he died. However, he found out she was the daughter of the burglar that killed Uncle Ben, and she refused to believe he was a real criminal, calling his killing of Uncle Ben an accident, and stating that Spider-Man killed him (a very lose recalling of what actually happened when the criminal returned in Amazing Spider-Man #200). She eventually took photos of Spider-Man unmasking himself to reveal that he was her boyfriend. They argue multiple times, with her refusing to believe her father was a criminal and that Spider-Man was a hero, especially when he was possessed by Carnage. That storyline really pissed me off with her character, because she was glad Spider-Man was suffering with the symbiotic on him, but couldn’t see he was resisting it and telling her and everyone else to get away because he might accidentally kill them.

      Eventually, she witnessed Spider-Man nearly die saving people in a burning building, realized she might have not been looking at the situations objectively, ran up to him and handed him the photos, then ran off. Ben is too weak to follow; he called out to her, but she had already vanished, never seen again.

      So, here is my short follow-up story to Jessica reflecting on his death when she reads it in the news, because if there was one thing I never liked about comics, it was the way they abandoned characters. I wrote this my Freshman Year of High School.

 photo 5decedb5-258c-46ab-ba49-b6c78bca7e94_zps6c947317.jpg

Spider-Man: I Love Ben

      Opens with Jessica on the internet, thinking about Ben Reily, who she used to love. She is tempted, rejects, then ultimately searches for his name online, only to find his obituary; “Ben Reily Falls To Death. Spider-Man Responsible?” Pic of Spidey carrying Ben to the roof.
Jessica remembers her father in prison.

      “Listen baby, don’t worry. It wasn’t my fault. Some costume webs me up, and they think I did something wrong.” As a teenager, she cries because she heard he was a killer. “Don’t believe them, Jess. You father is no killer.”

      Next, Jessica watching Spider-Man, then taking her first picture of him. “This one will rival Parker’s.” She sells the picture to Jameson. She sees Spidey swing overhead. “One day Spider-Man, I’ll take so many pictures of your unjust acts that the world will see that my dad was right; you set people up and take the money for yourself.”

      Later, she hears from a cop that her dad is dead. Heart attack. They tell her Spider-Man was there, that he tried to break into the same house again. She blames Spider-Man, even when the cops say it was only a heart attack, it had been building for years.

      Later, Jessica meets Ben Reily, similar to how she did in the 1995 comic books. They dine, dance. They sleep together. They walk in park. “He was perfect because he wasn’t.” He shows her Steward Trainers lab? “But then.”

      Spidey taking of mask, replica of Blood Brothers cover. Her preparing camera, then after taking picture pulling back in shock.

      Jessica’s shocked reaction in three panels.

      She confronts him (like in old comics), then later sees him save some people in a burning building and realizes, that he isn’t like what her father said. He had nothing to gain, and only his life to lose. She gives him the pics and runs away as he screams her name. As she walks off, her right eye has a tear and her eyes are not visable. “Oh god. What does this say about my father?”

      The Present: Jessica on the street where Ben died, looking at the pavement, holding the newspaper printout of the picture away from her, to the side. She just stares at the sidewalk. “I forgave you long ago.”

      Picture of Ben and Jessica doing something fun. “But I never admitted that I still loved you.”

      On way to Ben’s ‘grave’, Spider-Man is a few blocks away fighting criminals. She tries to run and talk to him, but he says, “No, no need to thank me. Just be sure to say I hired them to save my falling percentage in the hero polls.” “Wait,” she says, not yelling, but he has already jumped away. “Who was that anyway? Cousin, brother…it doesn’t matter.”

End Story

Umm…was there an ending here High School Shawn? I’m pretty sure I never edited this, and I also see that the real ending should probably he her either at Ben’s grave or the sidewalk where he died; both which should have been placed after her encounter with Spider-Man. Oh well. Well, so much for that character, she will most likely never show up ever again in Marvel Comics, but at least she had a good character arc.

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      Spider-Man was THE comic book I read growing up. I remember getting every 30th Anniversary issue from my dad, and that got me interested, but the 4 separate storylines leading up to the Clone Saga got me hooked. After the clone saga hint at the end of each title (Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Web Of Spider-Man, & Spider-Man) I went to Krogers (to the comic book section) and bought the first issue of the Clone Saga Storyline – Power & Responsibility. I could only afford the first issue, but when I got to the counter, I realized that the back of the comic was actually a flip comic (where the comic is reversed and has a new cover on the back) so I DID in fact have all of the story.

      However, the Clone Saga eventually ended. but there was a huge, HUGE, glaring character error that annoyed me when the saga ended. Mary Jane and Peter had a child that died stillborn, and after the next issue, they both forget they ever had a child. “WHAT…THE…HELL! Emotions don’t work that way,” my 15 year old self said out lout to no one. So, as you can guess, I wrote my own epilogue. It was the first time I ever wrote fan fiction, because I wanted to right an injustice.

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They wrote the baby out because she was inconvenient. Next you’ll tell me they’re going to write
Mary Jane out of the picture, too, because married people are too hard to write.

      Mary Jane and Peter were going to have a child, but at the same time, Peter was dying of a virus that was killing him. Previously, he had tried to ignore Mary Jane, the Bugle, and his entire Peter Parker existence due to the death of Harry Osborn and his Parents. But, his child allowed him to have something to fight for and caused him to look toward his future. He found his way back from his darkness and returned to the Peter he had become. During the Clone Saga, Mary Jane was pregnant for about 2 years (in real time), giving Peter and Mary Jane many scenes in which they plan their future. At one point, he even gives up being Spider-Man so he can raise his family.

      Then, his baby died and he forgot it even existed. So, what does Peter and Mary Jane need? Why, a graveyard scene, of course. These were something of a recurring theme in the Spider-Man books, yet the baby has never had a single g*d da** grave scene, because the writers want to pretend it never happened. He still finds the Green Goblin and laments Gwen dying, but no, never remembers, THE DEATH OF HIS OWN CHILD! If the writers continue to remember that the Gwen Stacey / Norman Osborn babies are still around, they can remember Peter and Mary Jane’s actual, natural, non-stupid-plot baby. Rant ended.

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Read that last paragraph: Osborn admits to KILLING A BABY.

      Below are adaptations of my hand written notes from high school. All bad dialogue, descriptions, and misspellings are preserved for posterity.

Lost Child – Outline

Mary Jane awakens to the rain. She says Peter’s name, then turns and finds he is not there. She lays her head on her pillow, then hears a babies voice. “Mommy, mommy.” The baby tugs at MJ’s blankets and asks for breakfast, but when she turns to look at her child, she instead sees Peter bruised, in costume, his mask off. Says he fought someone that wasn’t in his rogues gallery. Peter looks at MJ and sees her face, “Is something wrong?” She say no. He goes to bed and passes out. MJ sits in her bed for a few panels, then grabs her coat and heads outside.

She walks around, only to have a little girl tug at her. “Did you forget me mommy.” MJ pats the little girl then holds her hand along the sidewalk. They head over to a park, despite it being dark. “Yay, the swings.” The little girl runs over to the swings. Then MJ’s face when she watches her try the monkey bars. The girl tries the monkey bars, then falls into dirt below. MJ’s expression in one of concern, but not danger. Girl gets up and MJ half-smiles. Girl dusts herself off and runs up a slide.

Peter wakes up, only to find MJ gone. “Strange, isn’t this suppose to work the other way?” He looks at MJ open the door. Peter looks at MJ as she sits on the bed. She looks down at the sheets. Peter asks her what’s wrong. Next panel same as before only with Peter’s shocked face as he realizes what day it is. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”

“There’s a reason you forget her, I think. As long as you pretend you never saw her, she never existed. She was real Peter, she was inside of me.” MJ’s tears. Peter embraces her. “I wanted her so bad, Peter. Our little May.” Peter: “I did, too.”

MJ wipes her tears away. “It’s never going to happen again, is it?” Peter: “I want it to.”

MJ, “But? What if someone takes her away from us?” Combine with image of Green Goblin taking their girl away. Then, Chamelon disguised as Peter taking a boy away.

“They could raise him against me, kill him, torture him.” Green Goblin dunks girl into Goblin formular tank, while one rogue who knows him just points a gun directly at a boy’s head.

Peter looks down. “I still remember his words.”

Flashback – Green Goblin with Peter beaten, showcasing his scar. Green Goblin: “What I did to you girl was to make up for what you did to my Harry.” (Nice sentence, Shawn)

Peter leans on head, “It’s all my fault.”

“Peter, it’s not. You aren’t the one who did any of these things.”

“What’s going to happen when he grows up? Will he put himself in danger all the time, like I did?”

MJ: “If she’s like you, could you really blame her.”

Peter ponders that question for a moment with his hands closed together. “No, because I’d understand her reasoning for everything.”

MJ – “It’s always going to be like this, isn’t it?”

“Maybe, when I retire, or…”

“Retire?” Yells MJ, looking at him. “You have the world on your shoulders for everything. You would never retire, until…”

She leans into his chest. “I don’t ever want to lose you.”

“I wish we could, knowing he would be safe.”

MJ smiles through the tears, and pinches his cheecks. “How do you know it won’t be a girl?”

Peter: “Well, I have a sixth sense about these things.”

MJ: “Don’t you mean a seventh sense?”

They put their heads together and smile, holding each other’s face in their hands.

The Next Day

They stand over a grave that says: May Parker: Beloved Daughter. MJ and Peter both place a flower at the grave. MJ looks up to see little May sitting on her tombstone. “Don’t be sad, we just need some ice cream?” MJ smiles then Peter lifts May onto his back. May holds his back. “Look, I’m crawling on you like a wall. I’m Mrs. Spider-Man.” Peter turns to MJ, and kisses her. “I believe that already applies to one lady.”

Little May says, “Gross. I don’t ever wanna kiss anything.”

MJ and Peter laugh, with the panel showing the back of all three people, with Peter and MJ with little Peter holding May’s left hand, and MJ holding her right hand. The next panel, however, is MJ and Peter close together, holding each other at the waist. They hold each other as if they will fall down without the other, imagining the life their child could have had as they leave the graveyard.

End Lost Child Outline

      So, there you have my totally-not-depressing story about Peter and Mary Jane dealing with the loss of their child one year later. Written by 15 year old Shawn Padraic Murphy.