My 5th issue of The End is now available for Print-to-Order on IndyPlanet. And finally, after a long wait, so is #2. But where is #4? I was working on 4 & 5 at the same time, and 5 just happen to get finished sooner. And don’t worry, as each issue is stand-alone. You can expect to see The End #5 premiere at

See this link for a preview of the 1st story by Sonia Liao. Click here to see a preview of the 2nd story by Kathleen Parker.

You can expect to see The End #5 premiere at the SPACE, Tri-Con, & AwesomeCon conventions this April & May.

The End #5:

the End #2:

Here is a preview of the 2nd story in The End #5.

Is there any way to survive the coming end of the world? The theme for this issue is Survival. Previously, people escaped onto a space station, but now one man has a radical idea. He thinks he can escape the destruction of the world and be the only remaining person left alive by simply going into the deepest caves. Left with only his thoughts, he starts his decent.

Art by Kathleen Parker.


The End #5 – Story #2 – Cave Explorer (Pencils) by thescarletspider on deviantART


The End #5 – Story #2 – Cave Explorer (Inks – Fin) by thescarletspider on deviantART

The End #4 & #5 are nearly complete, so I am going to post to you a page from the first story drawn by Sonia Liao. A group of astronauts hijack a space shuttle and make off for a space station, where they hope to avoid all the comets completely and return to Earth later. Now, they are still alive, but was survival at any cost worth the price?

1The End #5 – Story #1 – Contemplation (Sketch) by thescarletspider on deviantART

The End #5 – Story #1 – Contemplation (Inks) by thescarletspider on deviantART

The End #5 – Story #1 – Contemplation (Final Art) by thescarletspider on deviantART

Wow, I am loving this new Embed feature on DeviantArt; the art scales to the webpage itself instead of expanding out so much that I have to lower the file size then repost it.

The End #4 is nearing completion. Here is a look at the intial sketch of The End #4’s cover.

The End #4 Cover (Sketch) photo spacestationmockup_zps5d850ea0.jpg

Next, here is a preview of the final image without the title, names, and issue number on it.

 photo TheEndCover4Watermark_zps529d4581.jpg

This is a preview of The End #3’s second story: Must Play, featuring the original pencils and the finished page. In this story, David has only one goal the last week of his life: play all the video games he can. Yes, this is a comedy in my end of the world series.



Here is some preview art from the 1st Story in The End #3, where Chris tries to achieve every dream he’s ever had, which also includes trying to reunite his broken family.


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My comic book series The End is now available on your iPad or Android tablet. Issue #1 & Issue #2 are $1.99 a piece on You must download the Lush Comics application, then you can start purchasing and reading my comic and others.

My Lush Comics Page is Here!

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I just received by first comic book review from TheOuthousers.Com. They reviewed The End #1 & #2. Here is the link to the review:

Or, you can type in TheOuthousers.Com and then select Features – Misc – Small Press Comic Of The Week: The End.

This is just a clip of my comic books The End #1 & The End #2 being promoted on Small Press Expo’s Debut page.

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The End #2 is now available for purchase on Comixpress and is only $2.99.
You can also purchase it for the iPad at LushComics

If the world was going to end in seven days, how would you spend your last week?

This is the concept behind “The End”, as each story deals with how normal, everyday people react (or not react) to the end of their world.

This issue contains 2 different tales:

“Crush” – Tom and Julie have been friends forever. Now, their world (and high school) is ending, though most don’t believe this is ‘for real’. Will Julie be able to finally confess her love to Tom, or has his heart already been taken by another?

Written by: Shawn Padraic Murphy
Illustrated by: Ava Berman
Lettered by: Michael Auger

“Ladder” – Lester has worked for years to ascend the ranks at work, but in doing so he has spent less and less time with his wife. Now, he is determined to be with her until the end, but an unexpected development for their future interferes with the reality of the present.

Written by: Shawn Padraic Murphy
Illustrated by: Rand Arrington

Cover Illustrated by:Robyn Haley

Below is the front cover for Issue #2.


Below is the entire cover: