Before I started Mechanaflux, I was working on this, my first 3 issue mini-series, Displacement, with Michelle Balze. Now, that comic, after many years, was submitted and accepted to Comixology. You can download the entire digital graphic novel for only $4.99!

     What is Displacement? Well, read this picture that I have captured for posterity:

 photo Comixology Displacement_zpsqlpipxwa.png

Displacement, my first, semi-autobiographical comic book, is now available on Kindle Fire. It is available at LushComics:

The direct link to Amazon is below:

Displacement, the experimental diary comic I started (and my first comic ever) has finally compiled it’s 3 issue mini-series into a graphic novel. The entire comic has been re-done with new panel borders to make the comic easier to read. Oh, and guess what?

Displacement is now available on AMAZON.COM & BARNES & NOBLE.COM

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible; my artist, Michelle Balze, cover artist Amanda Kahl, John Bintz for all the questions he answered when I started asking how to photoscan stuff and put them in a comic, Michael Auger for compiling the individual issues together, and Jason Axtell for compiling the graphic novel, in addition to touching up and re-designing all the borders.

Displacement At

Displacement At Barnes &

 photo 8a8c12b4-fdf9-4536-aea9-a3f9bab7d8f6_zps58b83e54.jpg

Below is the original cover for Displacement, which came out in 2009. The older, single-issue comics were only available on, which no longer exists. The graphic novel is now the only version available; even future digital versions will use this as a base.

 photo 1657575b-3a9e-412b-baef-1b9997df7320_zpsd009804f.jpg

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My 3 Issue Mini-Series, Displacement, is now available for your iPad & Kindle.

Each issue is only $1.00 a piece!


Go to Lush Comics and get the Free Application (APP) today.

You can also view it in the inventory by clicking on “Catalog” on the website, and scrolling down for my name. Every comic I have will be listed under my name (there are more to come).

Lush Comics Profile Is Here.

The final issue of Displacement. What will become of Shawn’s sanity, and his life?

Purchase this issue and the others here: ComixPress
You can also purchase it for the iPad at LushComics

Displacement #3 - Cover

Displacement #3 - Page 3

Displacement #3 - Page 12

Preview art for Displacement #2. This issue was a little different, as it went back in time; each scene was further in the past from Issues #1 & #3.

Purchase Displacement Here: ComixPress
You can also purchase it for the iPad at LushComics

Displacement #2 – Cover

Displacement #2 - Cover

Displacement #2 – Interior Page

Displacement #2 - Page 08

Displacement #2 - Page 16

Displacement #2 - Page 21

The Creation of Displacement

About 6 months before this comic book, I was writing a webcomic called “Wesleyan World” which was being hosted on my friend Rob’s site:

This series was a light-hearted comic strip loosely (and I mean very loosely) based on my life at college. At one point, I had one storyline end on a sad note, because I had an idea for storyline where the main character (me) interacts with a figment of himself that only want to drive him insane and make him crazy. However, this story was very dark, and didn’t match any of the comic strips before it or after it. Plus, the story started to get bigger and bigger until I realized it was the size of a comic book mini-series.

While at graduate school, I talked about an idea I had for a comic book with Michelle Balze (artist for Displacement) and she mentioned that she was drawing a comic book for someone else. The sketchy art style was what I was looking for and she loved my idea, so we started our collaboration, which took us 1 and 1/2 years to finish, then it took me another year just to figure out how to scan them in to get good quality, where to go to print them out, etc.

I arrived at SPX 2009 with all 3 issues ready to sell. I sold 17 copies of the first issue, and probably traded and gave away about 20 more. But there was another thing nagging at my now. The fiction that I loved to write more than anything now wanted out. I had caught the bug; there would be more.

Displacement went on sale beginning the summer of 2009. This was the first comic book I had ever published. You can purchase it here at ComixPress
You can also purchase it for the iPad at LushComics

Here is a preview of the first issue’s Cover.

Cover for Displacement #1

Displacement #1 - Cover

Displacement #1 Interior Pages

Displacement #1 - Page 9

Displacement #1 - Page 11

Displacement #1 - Page 21

If you are checking my website out because you read my comic or have my business card, here are some links to other creative projects I do since I do not have pages for them yet.  This website is still under construction, but will soon encompass all my creative projects.

Comic Books – Go to and type in ‘Displacement’

Films –

My friend Devin and I make comedy videos for YouTube.  Below you will also find videos I make as a hobby as well.  Links to 48 Hour Film Festival films I’ve accomplished will be up once the Film page is created, and I’ve just finished my short film as Writer/Director/Producer and will be enterting it into festivals shortly.  In the future, I will also use this site indicate when I will be filming next for those that are interested in crew and acting.

Hobby Films –

Also, I have a webcomic below, but there has not been time to finish it.  It will also be brought over here with an easier user interface (You will also see why I am only a writer).

Wesleyan World:

Displacement was sold at SPX and  I pitched my comic book for the first time. I was able to convince people to buy it on occasion so it always felt good when someone decided to try out the first issue.   Check the previous blog post below this to purchase them on

SPX was exciting because it was my first time behind the table at a comic book convention.  Now that I’ve done it all, I have only one goal, to make beter comics (though to get this website more professional-looking is also a goal).