This is the entry for the 48 Hour Film Project I helped with Charm City DSLR Filmmakers.

Character:  Lewis/Louis Ledbetter – Busybody

Prop:  Collar

Line:  “If you want me, you know where to find me.”

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For my third film festival, we had one problem: 9 writers. Luckily, another group our Producer knew didn’t have any writers, so 3 of us volunteered for the other group, and all 3 of us happened to have worked together before.

Unlike the 48 hour film festival, however, this was the National Film Challenge. You still have the prop, character, and line of dialogue you had to use, and you still had the same genres to choose from. However, you had 72 hours to make this film (it had to be postmarked on Monday morning) and everyone in the US could compete.

Our entry was with Two Meter Films, and it was nominated in the Top 15 in the US out of 217 entries. And, it won Best Horror. It felt good to get any award, as the only award I had ever received up to this point was a YouTube one. Here is the 2008 National Film Challenge Entry: Humanitarium.

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Due to legal issues, only the producer may put these videos up on facebook or youtube. The links are here.

Humanitarium Film Festival Edition
Humanitarium Re-edit (1 minute of extra footage)

So here is my 2nd script from the 48 Hour Film Festival. This time around, there were 4 writers, and a 5th one over the phone. However, that last writer ended up not working out so well, as it was hard to communicate on the phone all night back and forth. We had come up with 3 ideas, one more of a kid’s movie, and dark one, and the one that is actually shown below.

See if you can spot what was needed in the film.

Genre:  Western
Character:  Mr. or Mrs. Barlow / Musician
Prop:  Feathers
Line of Dialogue:  “Tell me, what’s the difference. ”

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My friend at DC Conspiracy told me he had just done a 48 Hour Film Festival in Washington, DC.  I had no idea what this was, but after finding out, I immediately wanted to do it.  I posted an ad on the 48 Hour Film Festival website stating I was a writer and interested in PAing (Personal Assistant).

Mike Panfeld of Karma Vs Mojo responded back, and later, when we had a dry run on a 1 page script to meet everyone, the writers had no problem accepting another writer.  Thus, my first collaborative script for a 48 Hour Film Festival came to pass. It was really fun to discuss ideas and eventually write a script with many different people. It was definitely an experience, and I’ve loved doing it each time.

The way the festival works is, you are randomly given a Genre (Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi). If you do not like that Genre, you may chose to randomly have a Specialized Genre (like Sports Movie, Silent Film). After you have chosen your Genre, then you are given 1) a character that must be in the film (male or female), 2) a prop that must be used, & 3) a line of dialogue that must be spoken on film. Now, you have 48 hours to write, film, and edit the movie, and turn in the DVD to a specified location.

Due to the festival’s legal issues, I am not allowed to host the video on on any of my video sites.  Only the Director has permission to post it on his Facebook account. So, here is the video, and the link is below.

Genre:  Sci-Fi
Character: This is obvious if you watch the video
Prop: Earings
Line of Dialogue: You know, I was thinking the same thing.

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