The End #5 is now available on IndyPlanet. You can purchase the issue as a physical order for $2.99, or a digital comic for $1.99.

Issue #4 just went through, and will be up shorty. Eventually, in just a month or two, I will have all 5 issues of The End set-up for physical order and digital download. After that, it’s only a matter of making sure that all 5 are available on all platforms the other issues are already on.

I was interviewed at SPX 2013 by Rusty ChuChu Rowley & Joe Mochove and talk about my different comic titles. Watch me smile uncontrollably for almost the entire duration of the interview.

I was interviewed at TriCon by In This Issue. You can find their podcast here below, and I am interviewed on Volume 2 – Issue 54…/id500331436

Their website is here:

I have an interview up at a blog. It’s a pretty lengthy interview that goes over how I started writing, how I found artists, what I’m currently doing, and much more.

Comics DC is “for information and events relating to cartoons and comics (including comic books, comic strips, political cartoons, animation and caricature) in Washington, DC and its environs (including counties such as Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Prince George’s, and Montgomery.)”

The interview is here:

I was interviewed at SPACE by You can hear me on the audio here along with many other artists and writers at SPACE.

I just received by first comic book review from TheOuthousers.Com. They reviewed The End #1 & #2. Here is the link to the review:

Or, you can type in TheOuthousers.Com and then select Features – Misc – Small Press Comic Of The Week: The End.

You can now order the TV Pilot I helped film. It’s called Semper Paratus, and is about the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Florida. It was Directed by Mark Hildebrant (Make Your Mark Films). Click on the picture to the link to purchase it.


I will be at the SPACE convention, in Columbus, Ohio from April 21 – 22. If you are at the convention, please stop on by. More info about the convention is here:

I have recorded my comic books and my name from the SPACE website for cataloging purposes (as in the far-off future of 2013, I do not expect them to be there).

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This is just a clip of my comic books The End #1 & The End #2 being promoted on Small Press Expo’s Debut page.

BlipTV / YouTube / Facebook

This is just a small clip of my written review of Battletoads / Double Dragon being posted on the main page of RetrowareTV.

BlipTV / YouTube / Facebook