My Kickstarter for The End #1 Remaster is going on now, in an effort to make a better comic book

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       I’ll be at AwesomeCon 2017 with weekend, Friday through Saturday, in Washington, DC, Booth C18. Come on by and check out my work if you are in the area.

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This is our 3rd riff, as we watch the first N64 VHS video from Nintendo Power.

For our 2nd video we watched and riffed on (of the 10 Nintendo Power VHS tapes), we watch the N64 Insiders Guide from Blockbuster that none of us have actually seen before (in fact, we started the video thinking it was the Nintendo Power N64 video).

My friends and I (Brian Massey & Thomas Berger) watch the very first Nintendo Power VHS tape that I received in the mail back in 1994. What outrageous 90s things will appear?

      I look at The Little Mermaid on Nintendo, and how it is both easy and fun, compare it to the Game Boy game, the Genesis game, and do a brief look at some weird anime based on The Little Mermaid, and try to find the live-action version I watched as a child. Plus, watch me go on many tangents of all the variations.

      So come with me on an adventure under the sea!

      10:23 – Little Mermaid Video Game Starts

I’ll be at Small Press Expo (SPX) this weekend, the 17 – 18th! I’ll have perhaps the last comics from my original print run of The End, as well as Mechanaflux. So come out to Bethesda, MD and take a look at tons of indie comics this weekend!

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      Once again I am attempting a Kickstarter. Check out the link ( and you can read all about the synopsis and the current issue. But, here it is also.

      Issue #4 sees the siblings Cory and Maria (who were separated at birth to grow up in two different realms [Earth & Flux]) become increasingly hostile of each other. Will they be able to work together to save the world?

      The sorceress, Darius, has lost her powers, and seeks to regain them, but at what cost? And to do so, she must learn to communicate with the very unusual spirit of her planet and convince it to break the rules.

      Check out the rewards for the comic and check out some of the art. If you can help spread the comic around on your social media sites, then that would be an amazing help. Thanks for looking.

Murphy Media Memories is back with a new review. This time, it’s my quest to find a video game I played in elemntary school many years ago. At long last, I thinkI have found it. Is the Super Solver’s game Midnight Rescue, or OutNumbered, the game I am looking for? Plus, see a quick rundown on all the games in the series. This video also contains a quick playthrough of both Midnight Rescue and OutNumbered, showing you what all the game entails.

      Remember the Arcade movie from 1994? No? Well it’s a good thing I’m here to fell you all about it. It’s about an evil Arcade machine (named ARACDE!) that will steal your soul if you lose it’s game while no one is looking. John Delancy is Arcade’s creator, Seth Green is in a bit part, and the main character must deal with her mother’s suicide while trying to warn her friends about the evil Arcade! Plus, I’ll tell you about the vast differences between the original cut and graphics of the film compared to the original.